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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday YGS!

  2. i dont know, i do drive fairly heavy footed too! got her up to 39 today though :) woop woop its all about the 1 litre!
  3. im rolling 37mpg on the 1 litre and i thought that was good!
  4. YGS

    0-60 Times

    sorry, just came back on here to lol some more...HA HA
  5. I have a 1 litre, and learnt to drive in it. Awesome car :) had it for 2 years now and still no complaints... apart from lack of poowwwaaaazzz!! It is a really easy and simple car to learn to drive in, did my first test in instructors car (ford fucus) and failed miserably! then second test i chose to do in my car, and passed with flying colours! Tidy looking car, reliable as <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> (WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS!!! DONT GET ME STARTED ON THIS SWEAR FILTER... GOT BANNED FOR IT LAST TIME!!!..Y.CUK ftw hahahahahaa). As said boot space can be adjusted by moving back seats forwards, and then flipping them up. The model i have is a 1 litre GS and it does the job just fine. oh and ...daughter? learning to drive.. must be around 17/18... Number plz!!! ;) haha
  6. anyone else got any views on this? what exhaust / induction kit and nice tidy splitters like tte stuff?
  7. YGS

    Koni Or Spax?

    they should do, look for the chassis number and then the number that it says on the teins. Think they are a tad more expensive than the previous model yari.
  8. YGS

    0-60 Times

    Holy *****, this is an interesting thread. I got a 1 litre, stripped the seats out an all that and i have a 0-60 time of im guessing 12 to 13seconds. Not 8.5... its just not do-able without a tuuurrboooo!!!! plus if you are going for 0-60 on your clock... that will most likely be out and more around 54mph.
  9. i did my test in my yaris, didnt have an extra speedo added, examiner cant see the speed but they should be a good judge on it. All you need is the extra mirror and L plates :)
  10. I think its an E100 model anyway, M reg. My sister has just bought one and now looking for things to do to it... what wheel fitment is it? reccomended engine mods (1.3 XLi model) ? Body work needs tarting up, any nice kits out there? cheers!
  11. well i learnt to drive in a yaris and the instructor had a small speedo pod fitted on passenger side just by her knee, but i took my test in my car. The examiner wasn't bothered about seeing my speedo at all, so no problems there. And i passed :) little tip... if you do go slightly over, dont make it obvious and stamp on brakes, gradually slow down and they dont know a thing ;)
  12. YGS

    Chilli Red Bumpers...

    word on the street is that someone has chilli red bumpers for a yaris... i am in need (the names Rhys) speak to me!
  13. YGS

    Bootspace & Buggy

    as i have said to people before... you should have worn protection then you wont have to face these dilemas... gawsh!
  14. So hands up, who's going? I am!!
  15. im a tard... lolz did what the others did and confused the dates.