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  1. If you are after back plates for this model it's a no I'm afraid, I have been looking for pattern parts for ages, don't know why someone on this forum takes up the challenge and make some The cost last time I looked if my memory is correct was £90 a pair.
  2. It will be confiscated when they have another referendum, let them use our English coinage, they vote for independence we and YOU get banned from using tartan... if you have to ask cool or not... you know the answer.. the last cool thing I saw in tartan was Geoff Capes...
  3. My wife comes from Aberdeen can't wait for Scotland's independence, we build the wall back up and all Scots go back and they take their skirts (tartan) with them, buy a proper rubber fitted mat you cheapskate...
  4. Reminds me of when I got a new windscreen fitted to my 2007 4.3 model, the fitter said who fit the last replacement? what replacement I said, owned the vehicle from new, it was extremely badly fitted at the factory about 10mm out of true and took twice as long to change, Toyota's are not perfect I know owners like to think they are, read about the rusting fuel filler pipes on my model. I have changed 14 in total, and some of them are releasing rusty particles into the fuel system, All vehicles are basically built to the same standard, just don't be surprised if your Toyota comes out of the factory with faults, I'm not.
  5. have you thought about lowering it, I did a lowering job about 6 months ago on a 2008 Rav, I think he bought 4 springs for something like £80 again on eBay it actually looks great.
  6. The 136bhp model should not put the light on, do you know the fault code, I have only seen the light come on, on that model/engine when the EGR is blanked if the EGR sticks, and with you having it blanked you have no help from the induction pressure, so try and see what the code is, and give it a good clean. it will still have to open and closed when demanded. I always blank off both ends, when diesel manufacture's had the task of making diesels burn cleaner and meaner by high pressure injection/compression ratios the result was more NOX so what they did was to recirculate burnt gases back into the inlet side making the engine believe it or not less efficient cooling down the burn cycle reducing NOX but creating soot in my opinion pathetic, have a Google and read about EGR valves etc.
  7. Both of you, I was interested in your results.
  8. Have you any feedback to the MPG or the running of your RAV now the EGR valve is blanked off.
  9. Read the article, what concerns me is how efficient the batteries will be in 5 years time, and the cost to the environment to dispose of them, dragging round loads of weight and then using your fossil fuelled engine to charge them is not the answer, when Electric vehicles can go 300 miles in one charge and charged efficiently from the mains then maybe I might be interested but it's back to my old diesel.
  10. Glad your sorted, it will run a lot better, I know other owners have made comments about doing this MOD but your soot/particles emission's will be well down, I would rather have a slightly bit more NOX than particles. And when we have RAV4's carrying round loads of battery's/charging systems then what's a bit more NOX.
  11. That's the best I can do, the pipe you see comes off very easily, the location is straight in front of you when you open the bonnet, you can buy a plate or just make one the other end of the pipe is bendable so you can't miss it, some Rav 4's get a fault code, I have not done any and this has happened but if it does clear the code with a reader or disconnect the battery for 5 mins good luck...
  12. I have owned a 2.2 136bhp 2007 from new, but my EGR valve blanked off from new. computer shows 53 I do a very mixed journey I average 44 mpg, regularly check it, the dash computer useless to be honest, but check tyre pressures, and use the correct oil, and try blanking EGR valve your model is one of the easiest to blank and you won't get any warning lights etc. and no black smoke and no problem with MOT....
  13. Glad it's running don't forget to check the fuel filler pipe from filler cap to tank it lives under a plastic cover seen them rot through and loads of particles enter the fuel system,
  14. If you have to take the top off and fill with diesel the prime button is not working I have worked on loads with that problem the diaphragm in the filter top cracks with vibration, I fill the filter to the max stick it back on then suck on the inlet pipe till fuel comes out and then quickly push it back on, check my posting on starter motor for this year/model, the through bolts on the starter motor come loose giving you a flat battery condition when in fact the brushes can't earth to the engine/chassis. and the solenoid is very weak to the size of motor. and of course the rotting fuel pipe under the rear passenger side won't help?
  15. Don't know why being curved would make a difference, but my local market keyman does not have any expensive cutters just stick in the old key and cuts the new one, the only problem I have is the transponder chip can be glued in and is awkward to get out but they are really strong. I have also seen silicon cover for 99p these look great and cover the cracks available in loads of colours