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  1. Just got a phone call son-in-laws 2.2 Rav took 8 attempts this morning to start. it runs perfectly once started going round tonight to have a look any ideas please glow plugs, starter and battery all perfect it's gradually getting worse.
  2. trying to use techstream on a 2006 2.2 Rav4 136bhp model when I connect o vehicle it finds ALO and the engine type but then I have about five choices, why won't it find the model (Rav4) I have tried to do some changes but it won't respond properly, any ideas.
  3. I have been told because the battery was disconnected I may have to re-set the crank angle, I have found fuel pump synchronisation, injector compensation but can't find crank angle while using TIS Toyota V13.00.022 Techstream anyone help please...
  4. Any ideas anyone, 2.2 diesel 136 bhp 2007 version one owner from new. Just went sluggish on start up. Checked all earths changed the battery for a brand new varta G7 95a, still same, removed starter motor insides like new so replaced the solenoid, it now turns over like it's brand new extremely fast, but when you hear and feel the engine start I release the ignition key it cuts out, does this three times it starts on the third try, always started first time since new, it also throws out white smoke and you can smell un-burnt diesel, all glow plugs checked all perfect, as anyone had the same problem the Rav4 pulls and runs just like new with no other problem,
  5. the fox

    ECU update

    does anyone know where I can get the latest ECU cal software download
  6. the fox

    ECU update

    trying to get the latest software for a 136bhp Rav4 2006. when I try and download it I get asked for a service bulletin anyone any ideas
  7. Hi I checked the glow plugs before posting, I get 1.6 ohm for each one, the glow plugs are only being fed for a couple of seconds, so I was hoping someone had the same problem and found a way of keeping the feed on for longer, So what I have done is to fit a nice thick wire form the starter side of the solenoid on the starter motor to the glow plug connection rail, so when the starter is turning over the glow plugs get a feed, just phoned him this morning it started first time on the button, but if anyone has any idea how you can extend the time the glow plug relay is energised I would be grateful.
  8. Anyone messed about with glow plug timing, son-in-laws Rav4 136bhp model bad to start when cold, glow plugs don't stop on long, I put a jump lead from battery to glow plug connection strip this morning turned ignition on waited about ten seconds started like a new one. Any ideas how to make the glow plugs stop on a bit longer,
  9. the fox


    looks great from a great manufacturer, you have done well really with it being 2004 model, mines is a 2007 and the wife's was 2006 both been well looked after, but both got badly corroded fuel pipes, my opinion not good enough Mr T.
  10. Blank off the EGR valve it will stop the carbon build-up on the pistons, We ran two Rav4's identical mileage, type of journeys the one that was not blanked ended up with a new engine, the one that is still blanked is still on the same engine, both 2.2 D4D's you will not get any black smoke if you boot it, and it will run very cleanly. And it's a very easy job.
  11. the fox


    The windscreen was done via the insurance so it just took him longer, he was very surprised to find it so badly fitted, at first he thought it was a replacement and been badly fitted, but when he checked it was labelled Toyota, and I was the first owner so I knew it was original. I stopped posting ages ago, I found a lot of Toyota owners a bit blinkered with there vehicles and the service they received from dealers. I'm well known for my negative comments on Rav4's but when you need a new engine, new egr valve, new electric steering ecu which actually locked the steering at 60 mph, plus more and more you end up not having anything nice to say. The wife's Rav4 was given to the son-in-law it recently dumped a load of diesel over his drive, rotten fuel filler pipe and I mean rotten..... How many other 4x4's suffer with rotten fuel filler pipe at this age? To add the wife bought a Mitsubishi phev, it's been 100%
  12. the fox

    rear bumper

    Exactly the same item except the number plate moulding. remove all the clips in the loading area about 8 in total a couple up the sides. then any screws in the wheel area and it just clips off, a bit a poking about with some wire clips but very easy job, I have fitted two Rav4's with the older doors so the customers had a spare wheel and fitted the bumpers from the older versions at the same time had no problems what so ever....
  13. the fox


    I don't post much any more, nothing good to say really, still got my Rav4 2.2 2007 model, On Sunday I had a new windscreen fitted by Auto Glass, what a job, the windscreen was the original one I have owned the vehicle from new. The original windscreen was fitted 5mm to far over towards the passengers side it just covered part of the plastic trim that holds the plastic cover on the A frame, the cutting wire used to remove the screen could not be used without it also cutting the plastic trim. The quality inspection must have been asleep when they fitted the original screen. Poor
  14. Try another distributor..... Had many that gave a spark but still won't start common fault... try a decent breaker etc...
  15. Hi anyone bought any front suspension gaiters for a 2007 Rav4, mine have perished I have tried numerous places, I may have to go to MR T,, if no one can help