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  1. If I had to guess I would say start by cleaning the SCV valves sounds like you have a loss of pressure
  2. Hi frostyballs where do you find the for sale forum??
  3. the fox

    RAV 4 Gone

    I was not being negative towards the Rav4 hybrid it's all Hybrid/Electric cars. I worked for Lucas during the ealy 70's Lucas invented the pacemaker battery made of MILAM and plastic seprators before that it was wood seprartors etc very heavy contruction. the Pacemaker battery was the lightest and most efficecnt on the market, Royal Mail Commisioned Lucas to make an electric delivery van using the batterys I worked on it. It did not do what it said on the tin, in my opinion batterys are still useless, Hybrid/Electric cars are only a stop gap, The UK can just cope with us all switching on our k
  4. Hi Chaps finally decided to sell my spare wheels. I have four wheels, wheels are really really good no kerbing damage etc., tyres are Continental crosscontact LX's not cheap proffesionaly fitted new valves stick on wieghts etc, I have run them from home to Hull and back about 200 miles, I'm looking for £100 each but if someone on here want's all four for £350 I will throw in a K&N air fliter worth about £40 never buy another air filter. I'm in Darwen Lancs would be willing to meet on the motorway services etc. 30-40 miles away. you can give me a bell or text 07719992349 the tryes were
  5. the fox

    RAV 4 Gone

    Thanks coolballs, It's a shame Toyota only make the Hybrid, I have stuck some wheels on the for sale part of the Forum, If anyone want's them let me know and I will also throw in my K&N filter...
  6. I have four ally wheels 17" standard fit to RAV4's 2006 onwards I will stick some pics on if anyone is interested, the tyres are Continental LX's not cheap all fitted and balanced with stick on weights new valves etc.. The wheels are in really really good condition they where fitted for an MOT in June and I did a journey to Hull about 200 mile round trip basically to make sure they were balanced etc. They are just like new. I'm looking for £100 each or if anyone can use all four £350. I think the tyres alone were £110 each and a tenner each for fitting and balancing, the wheels cost something
  7. the fox

    RAV 4 Gone

    Hi folks I have had RAV4's since 1993, my ex/current RAV4 circa 2007 nearly gave up, really bad starting loads of white smoke only done 95,000 miles stuck my tech software on it, injectors goosed, cheapest price £700 and then I was told they need the part number from the olds ones four different types. So decided to part with it, I would have bought another new RAV4 but not interested in an Hybrid, I test drove a 1600cc X-trail not much torque, came across a lovely Mini Cooper 2000cc Countryman ALL4 traded in the beloved RAV4, I will drop in the forum now and again and try and help any one wit
  8. I remove the plastic cover inside the vehicle and then squirt liquid change grease around the steering shaft etc. let it run down the shaft into the joint after a while it solidifies and hopefully you can't feel or hear the knock. You can remove the clip from underneath and get to it that way but when the grease thickens it works for me, done about twenty and then topped up a few year later give it a try, cheap from Wilko's I don't work for Wilko's other shop's sell chain grease.........
  9. You need to read the fault codes plenty cheap ones on eBay the main reason for this problem is EGR sticking but without a fault code it's impossible to tell?
  10. Try some new oil, not many people change the transfer box oil, it doesn't last for ever, easy job once the plastic engine/cover removed from underneath.
  11. Yes item will fit item number 323748145013 looks really clean you could try breakeryard.com or similar I can't guarantee this will fix your problem, but it's a very cheap try. I have had two customers who's steering turned off but I think they over heated in really hot weather and they had been searching for somewhere to park for ages, Turned IGN off and disconnected the battery for 5mins all cleared, unless you want to take it to a Toyota garage my recommendation is you try another Power Steering ECU. If it doesn't work you are looking at angle/yaw sensors the list goes on. Good luc
  12. All I can suggest is you buy a cheap second hand steering ECU and give it a try, two screws above the clocks and they just clip out, If you lower the steering wheel it gives more room and you can see the ECU sitting just inside above steering shaft.
  13. Tried to edit the above have a look at eBay item number: 254243466822 The dash clock pod clips out really easy, it's a bit awkward getting the unit out if you have big hands but It's worth trying before you spend loads letting MR T look at it.
  14. My wife had a 2006 RAV4 the steering locked going round a bend/curve at 60 mph she went into a field not nice, the steering ECU lives behind the dash next to the steering wheel was changed really easy to get at, but the cost of a new one F***. Try disconnecting the battery for ten mins but I have driven a RAV without electric assistance almost impossible. So my suggestion is try a second hand one plenty at breaker yard dot com.
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