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  1. Mine failed at roughly 75k too. I got my car recovered, the box taken out, the box send away to be reconditioned, the box returned and fitted and it cost me £700. Pricey but it had to be done!
  2. I'll move this on to season 09/10. I have an early contender for the SPL: Paddy McCourt
  3. I really can't be bothered reading the whole thread but do Plasma TVs not have a limited lifespan? Anyway, my 32" Sony Bravia KDL32V5500 does the job better than most and I enjoy my 1080p Playstation 3 games and watching my Blu-ray movies!
  4. Who'd want to? It's rubbish. I'm happy with my original PS3, it does the job! :)
  5. Davy, what about McGeady yesterday? Silly boy! I think football's fine the way it is! :)
  6. Amazing goal by Donati though! :D
  7. I remember that Gilardino dive well Davy, it was absolutely ridiculous and almost as bad as Lafferty's last season against Aberdeen. Anyway, I hope Eduardo gets hit with some sort of ban and I can't believe Ar5ene Wenger said he didn't dive, is he blind?
  8. U2 at Hampden will be half empty on Tuesday night! I know loads of people who are going to the Celtic game instead and can't get rid of their U2 tickets! Anyway, I'm not really a fan of U2 but it looks like a good show! :)
  9. That's rubbish Andie. I hope the police do their job and find out who was responsible!
  10. Had to spell Ars3nal like that because the swear filter is daft. Anyway, who do you think will win? I'd love to think we (Celtic) could do it but Ars3nal are still a decent outfit despite selling Toure and Adebayor! Let me hear your opinions.
  11. You're moaning about the poor decisions the referee made for Chelsea? What about Abidal being sent off? That was the most ridiculous decision of the night because Anelka tripped himself up. I can't recall 4 penalty shouts? 3 maybe. Anyway, I'm glad Chelsea are out, I hate 99% of their players.
  12. I'd rather walk! :P Your old Yaris has changed hands again and the girl who bought it last week lives 10 minutes up the road from me. It'll be good to see it going about again! :)
  13. Who's travelling from Glasgow? I've no idea where this place is! I'll give Rico a nudge and see if he's up for it, he's just bought a MR2.
  14. February's meet was fantastic, I never even had to leave the house! :P
  15. The West is where it's at but I'll go pretty much anywhere. I've not really got any suggestions but I'll do anything within reason. :)
  16. What's happening with this meet then?
  17. It wasn't me Davy, I'm an old man now. Get a meet sorted and I'll just turn up. B)
  18. I think we've been to Queensferry in the past but I can't be sure! What about Edinburgh down to Gala again? I think it was only me and the guy with the silver Celica (Martin?) that went to that meet and he had to fix an Elise! I'll do anything though so keep the suggestions coming! :)
  19. It was a good day and it was nice to put some names to faces! I loved the carbon Mk3 MR2! B) That's a great photo of me, cheer Davy! :P
  20. I'm young and I've got a pocket rocket (kind of) but everyone is welcome...I mean, we're even letting Andie come! :P
  21. Lets try and get at least 10 people to attend! :)
  22. She's almost as lazy as me and that's bad news! :P
  23. Can I be involved in the 1st fight?!
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