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  1. Happy Birthday dub_boy!

  2. Hey Gordy! Hows things?
  3. Just thought I would pop in & say hi as I'm back in the club! Picked up our Rav4 XT4 on Thursday after the wife just couldnt stick the C-max any longer. Its good to be back. :D
  4. Treuno is right! The diesel did not come with fog because of the air scoop.
  5. aaww thanx all, havent been on this week until now so only just got my birthday greetings! :D Had a good one thanx!
  6. Is that a washing machine in the boot?
  7. I think Subaru is owned to Fuji Heavy Industries. ← I think Subaru is now owned by GM
  8. Yamaha have done alot of engine work for Toyota but they dont own Toyota :D
  9. Toyota's future not looking good? I dont think so! Toyota is the richest car maker in the world & could buy out GM & Ford & still have cash left over! Toyota is the 'world's' 12th biggest company not just car makers thats everything. Toyota is already the biggest car maker by market value. With a market capitalization of $140 billion, it is nearly three times the size of second-ranked Honda Motor Co. "Toyota's going to be No. 1. And whether they do it under the radar or by announcing it, it's going to happen," said Maryann Keller, a longtime automotive consultant and analyst. Toyota already has overtaken Ford Motor Co. to become the world's second-largest automaker. By 2006, it is shooting to sell 8.5 million cars and trucks worldwide, edging close to GM, ranked No. 1 since 1931. If Toyota surpasses GM, that would have a profound psychological impact on the U.S. industry, one of the last manufacturing sectors where Americans still lead. It would also undermine GM's ability to dominate the industry and buffet smaller players such as DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group with its price wars. As the two auto giants compete in every segment and every region, GM faces a dynamic challenger in Toyota that is not only similar in scale but also draws strength from its superior profitability.
  10. Thanks guys but I will always be popping my head in now & then! ;) Still a Toyota man at heart.
  11. lol I wish, a Focus C-Max, picking it up Friday.
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