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  1. Mmmmm......what was the best thing before sliced bread? :P
  2. Found this passage: China changed to the right in 1946. Sweden switched from the left in 1967, after a two year preparation. The changeover was accompanied by an intensive road safety campaign and the number of road accidents dropped sharply after the change. Several British colonies, such as Ghana, have changed from left to right in recent years. This causes some problems with roundabouts, where the smoothing of corners to make a fast exit or entrance for traffic on the left side of the road makes an awkward turn for those on the right. Pakistan also considered changing form the left to the right in the 1960's. The main argument against the shift was that camel trains often drove through the night while their drivers dozed. The difficulty in teaching old camels new tricks was decisive in forcing Pakistan to reject the change. Britain itself considered changing in the 1960s, but dropped the idea. If Britain ever does change then it would make sense to make the switch at the same time as adopting that other products of the French Revolution - metrication. For if all the road signs have to be turned round to face the other way, it would be relatively cheap to change from imperial units, on speed limit signs for example, at the same time. Can you imagine the difficulties with changing from driving on the left to right?
  3. Countries that drive on the left: Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Australia Bahamas Bangladesh Barbados Bermuda Bhutan Botswana British Virgin Islands Brunei Cayman Islands Channel Islands Cyprus Dominica Eire-Ireland England Falkland Islands Fiji Grenada Guyana Hong Kong India Indonesia Isle of Man Jamaica Japan Kenya Lesotho Macau Malawi Malaysia Malta Mauritius Montserrat Mozambique Namibia Nepal New Zealand Northern Ireland Pakistan Papua New Guinea Seychelles Scotland Singapore Solomon Islands South Africa Sri Lanka St Kitts & Nevis St. Helena St. Lucia Surinam Swaziland Tanzania Thailand Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Uganda US Virgin Islands Zambia Zimbabwe St. Vincent & Grenadines Wales
  4. Had a fantastic birthday thanks Nicola, Although it was my thirtieth it wasnt so bad considering!
  5. They had the purple Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder & a couple of the big american muscle cars from the film.
  6. Just come back off my hols went to New Zealand, Australia & USA. While in LA went to Universal Studios where they had some of the cars off 2 Fast 2 Furious. The Skyline looked bad!!
  7. The petrol round your way seems cheap to me! :o
  8. The exhaust is covered, even if it rusts & drops off after 2 years 364 days you will still get a nice new one! Unlike some, Toyota's warranty is a full 3 years manufacturer warranty not a 1 year with 2 year dealer top up. No car manufacturer covers tyres as these are covered by the tyre manufacturer. Fair wear & tear, accident, misuse or abuse then its not covered, everything else you should be fine.
  9. I'm waiting another 2 months until my contract is up & then I fancy either a Motorola V600 or Sharp GX30, anyone got these phones they can comment on?
  10. Isn't the T-spirit the revised CDX?
  11. You shouldnt need a puller to take it off, but you shouldnt have to take it off anyway.
  12. Sorry, I havent been back to you pablo. Right here goes, locate that small button next to the dip switches you talked about. Turn the ignition on. Push the little button in until the alarm led comes on. While the led is on, push both black buttons on the remote at the same time, you should hear a clicking from the ecu. Hey Presto! your new remote should now be programmed in.
  13. dub_boy


    That BJ74 in the picture is the limited edition twin steering wheel LHRHD model! :P
  14. The air mass sensor is that thing bolted right in the middle of the bulkhead with the electrical connector & vacuum pipe going to it.
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