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  1. My aspirations were never that high. The car I always dreamed of having when I was young is the MGB GT. By modern standards pretty crap I know but personally I still think they look nice today although I wouldn't want the hassle of running one on a regular basis.
  2. Just seen the new Pink video "stupid girl". In it she's driving what looks like a Gen7 Celica convertible. Is such a thing made or is it some sort of custom job?
  3. Does the wheel rotate freely if you force the pads apart a little. If it does then suspect a sticking caliper(could be piston or slides). If it still wont turn freely when the brake pads have been forced apart it could be wheel bearing or even a CV joint.
  4. Night in with the missus Blair or Bush?
  5. Most production cars dont have adjustment for camber, its factory set by the design of the suspension components and pick up points. Unless you have fitted a camber adjustment kit (adjustable top mounts) its unlikely that anyone will be able to alter whatever camber there is. Reading some of the posts already made it seems that some people are confusing wheel tracking (either 2 or 4 wheel) with camber. Remember tracking is a fore/aft function, camber is a vertical function (the angle the wheel leans in or out when viewed from the front of the car). Its something that changes when you lower your car. The third angle in steering geometry of course is caster, which is the angle that forms a line between the lower (ball) joint and the centre of the strut upper bearing compared to a vertical line when looking at the side of the car. On a car with a Y shaped lower radius arm there will be little or no caster adjustment. if you have a "straight" radius arm and a tie bar you will get some adjustment by adjusting the effective length of that tie bar. If its been suggested that there has been some suspension damage you would be better off carefully checking all the suspension components and relace any suspect ones.
  6. Apparently the official company line at the moment is that there are no plans to ressurect the Lagonda name
  7. Anyone seen this monster on the bay of plenty??? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...bayphotohosting Lady Penelope from thunderbirds would suit it I think :D Bit too extreme for me
  8. Its under the front bonnet in front of the brake pedal. However unless you have a leak its quite likely your brake pads are getting low. As the pads wear the pistons in the calipers move out, the space behind them fills with fluid so the level in the reservoir drops. If you just top up the fluid level, when you fit new pads you will have to remove some fluid or it will overflow.
  9. You need to take off the black plastic surround. Once thats off you can get to the screws that hold the unit in place. Turn the headlights on (3 licks on the switch) then turn it back two clicks, the lights will then stay up but be turned off so you can work on them. Incidentally if you like the sleepy headlight look with a little playing to get your preferred opening amount you can get this by turning the switch back to its off position, then as the lights start to drop turn it back on one click. The lights will stay at whatever position they were in as you turned the switch.
  10. There are the rev6 lamps available or the lexus style. Rev6 at http://www.roguesystems.co.uk/static/home.aspx and lexus style try dan at http://www.dcdezign.com/
  11. Shop around for someone who can recharge the system using iceon 49. Its a direct replacement for the now illegal R12 gas. The only disadvantage is that its not quite as efficient as R12 so it doesn't get quite as cold.
  12. Will they be for "road safety" rather than revenue earners?? Or am I just being cynical. Maybe they will be a different colour so we can see them.
  13. Take the car back to where you got the tracking done and tell them you want it re-done with the wheel centred. Of course you could go to the trouble of taking the wheel off, but why should you? What they have done is adjusted one side only, this has the effect of putting the wheel off centre. Moving the wheel is the wrong thing to do. If you dont want to take it back to then you would be better off adjusting it back to the middle yourself. Its just a case of shortening one track rod and lengthening the other by the same amount(say one thread on each at a time) to keep the tracking right.
  14. When I took my sister in laws old xantia diesel for an mot a while ago it failed on emissions. The guy testing it said drive it up the dual carriage way up the road in first or second and hold it on the rev limiter for about half a mile then bring it back. It passed OK afterwards, he reckons that if you do a lot of town driving the exhaust system gets partly clogged with soot, a good hard blast often clears it out.
  15. I remember him from the late 50's early 60's. I guess if people like Tony Christie can make a come back then why not Paul Anka.
  16. Just looked at the brake line diagram on my EPC. See what you mean about a single pipe at the rear. It seems odd that they run 2 lines to the regulator then tee a single to the wheels. You do still have a dual system though. Its a front /rear split rather than the normal diagonal split. I'm at a loss with other ideas though, unless you need to fool the pressure regulator into believing the vehicle has a maximum load, perhaps by disconnecting the operating spring .
  17. If you simply jack the body up and remove the wheels you will operate the bias valve (the lighter the back the less pressure is allowed to the brakes), but if you put the back on some ramps, or jack up on the axle so that the load is still nominal you should be able to bleed the brakes quite normally. At least thats been my experience with cars fitted with load regulators.
  18. Kelvyn

    Air Bag

    Just make sure you disconnect the battery before making the electrical connections
  19. :D http://www.petroldirect.com/index.htm :D
  20. Thats not neccessarily stricktly true, in the the right conditions it does make a difference, maybe not the +20bhp these things usually claim but you should see a power increase. Yes its a 5p resistor but as long as the ambient air temperature is above about 10 celcius some power gains should be acheived(and no I'm not a seller). Check out this link http://www.installuniversity.com/install_u...tricker_mod.htm Kelvyn
  21. There is another option. Find someone who can refill it with Iceon 49. Its a direct replacement for R12 and you dont need to have all the seals changed.
  22. Not really an easy one this. You need a little engineering knowledge, a bit of common sense, some patience and quite a bit of space . Your first task will be to make a master model, you can make it out of anything you like as long as its reasonably robust(or you could buy a spoiler and copy it). Next you will have to make the moulds, this is where you need the engineering knowledge. When you make the moulds you must ensure that you can always get your part out so you must ensure that the part always gets bigger as it comes towards the top of the mould. With something like a spoiler you will have to make the mould in at least two parts(and probably the spoiler itself too, so you have to bond the two halves together after you've made them). When people like Lotus cars make car bodies from fibreglass they make the body moulds in several pieces an have a system of joining those pieces together so the body is layed up in one piece, the mould is then dismantled leaving the body fully formed. The trick is knowing where to put the mould joints so you can take the parts off. In this way its possible to make something that apparently wouldn't come out of a mould. For a very simplistic look at what you should be doing have a look at http://www.causeway.arts.btinternet.co.uk/...TURE/Gull_1.htm Remember too that if you make your own design spoiler your master model must be as smooth as possible any surface defects will be replicated into your moulds and hence into your finished product.
  23. There's a story going around here that the police in Hertfordshire are stopping people with ANY non standard exhaust and telling them to get it replaced. Apparently the only exhausts they are happy accepting are standard or TUV approved. If its true then I can only assume they are using some obscure part of the construction and use legislation, in which case we can probably look forward to the end of modified cars.
  24. Well its certainly possible to do it but in all honesty you would be far better advised to just sell up and buy a car that already has aircon. The expense (or hassle if you DIY) of retro fitting to an older car makes it an ecomic folly. The worst part I suspect would be fitting the new condenser/heater unit. Generally the heater is one of the first parts fitted on the production line. That means that you have to strip out the entire dash just to get to it.Some makers fit "extra" wiring thats used for options fitted to higher spec' models, if you are lucky some or all of the wiring might be in place(without all the switches, relays, sensors etc) which would make things a lot easier.
  25. Do you mean this ? http://www.mr2-tech.com/bgb/mechanical/index_mechanical.htm
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