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  1. Thanks For the help, no luck as of yet but I've found a useful website: http://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments.html
  2. Yeah I've checked eBay & Gumtree - 1st places I check lol I'm in Hull, east yorks so they aren't exactly local to me unfortunately lol Been to local scrap yards but they don't have celica's in, hence why I mentioned a different manufacturer fitting the celica
  3. Hi I'm getting rid of my beloved Celica :( cos I had a little bump with another car & I got something more economical now I have alloys on it & I wanna sell em seperately but don't have any other wheels What other manufacturers steelies will fit my celica? E.g. VW Golf Also what other Toyota steelies will fit? Thanks Nick
  4. Am I right in saying the one with the notch go in the top and the other goes in the bottom? Thanks
  5. Any ideas where online I can buy a brand new steering rack?? Been to two local parts dealers and they're quoting £300 & more I've looked on eBay but they're all 2nd hand. I guess id settle for a re-conditioned one if I could get hold of one Eurocarparts don't have any either
  6. Cheers guys. I'll try those mentioned. Yeah it has alloys, tinted window & air filter plus soon to have a new stainless steel exhaust
  7. Hi guys n girls I've had my ST202 for 3 years now and I've always been insured through the broker Adrian Flux and I've just had my renewal of £97 plus the penny's. It was £117 plus penny's per month My renewal this year is ****, they've usually been pretty good but this year seems a bit expensive. Who do you insure yours with? Obv it depends on everyone's individual circumstances but I'm 25 (male) got 3 yrs no claims & 3 points for speeding 3 yrs ago and a small accident 4 years ago (my fault)
  8. Hi thanks for your replies. Both very helpful - after reading your thread it deffinitley sounds like a slipping clutch which isnt good news but at least i got a rough quote - cheers :)
  9. It's happened in other gears apart from 3rd. It's just that today was most noticeable... Average cost of fitting a clutch?
  10. Right first of all I suspect a head gasket is on it's way out although there's no sign of yoghurt as I did an oil change yesterday. This started a few weeks ago but this morning I noticed it the most, it only happened in 3rd gear today but I put my foot down after shifting into 3rd and I can hear my engine rev up but it isn't in timing with the speedo or rev counter, it'll still be at like 3000 but it sounds as thought it's more at 4 or 5000 then after a good few seconds it will start to catch up on it's self so the engin speed is in time with the clock. Any idea what could be the problem? Blocked fuel filter - not getting enough fuel? Head gasket on it's way out? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. When I bought the car the guy has had to respray the front wing & my mate who is gunna be spraying my car says its been done out of a can cos of the Matt finish but yea I plan on buying a gun & compressor n we're going to spray it a panel at a time in my garage at home Thats the plan so if you got any input hit me with it :)
  12. I presume they do, don't see why not but I know ubik all about car paint except aerosol looks like a Matt finish (a **** finish)
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