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  1. Happy Birthday T-bar!

  2. the lock is not a issue, renaults have used solenoid locks for years. If the power failed, the lock just would not lock, in the same way the centeral locking doesn't just lock when power is removed. IT was a general quiry really, I have a s2000 button on another of my cars & for this one I wanted something that is less obvious, when I read about what it also did I quite like the idea.
  3. Hi guys, I'm thinking of attempting to 'retro fit' a start button from the Toyota range, like this one: I understand the function is similar to: Normally there is no light on the starter button (1). Press it once or twice and you get the typical ignition I or II positions and the light glows amber (2). Press the clutch and the light glows green (3), the start button will then start the car. I plan on using a output from the immobiliser to unlock the steering collumn & enable the ignition to be turned on (using the above method) via a timed relay so that if the button is not pressed/or the engine not started the immobiliser relocks everything. My question is this; are there any wiring diagrams available for the start/stop button system? Or a pinout of the button itself? I'm not really bothered which Toyota the diagrams come from as i suspect they all use a similar system? Many thanks R
  4. This site is top notch - if you own a mk2. A better forum for mk1 owners is here: http://www.mr2oc.com/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=2 Sorry lads, but its true :)
  5. T-bar


    I was hit by a car, wnet over the roof & landed on the grass behind the car. I suffered no major injuries. I just shake my head at people how fake claims. It'll bite your ***** someday.
  6. T-bar

    MR2 Or TIGRA

    How much of a girl are you? Not much or not at all, then buy the Mr2 Yes lots, I fancy a new handbag to go with these shoes, then my the tigra.
  7. blimey I've loads: another Mk1: being stripped Nova: going to scrappers Mini: project yet to start & Citroen ZX: Currant runaround little 1.4i, soon to be upgraded (or downgraded - dpends how you look at it) to possably a Smart Pulse.
  8. there's not many of us about nowadays ya know.
  9. T-bar

    Speedo Question

    I'm having a play on a new project for the Mk1 Mr2 and have a hit a problem that could scupper the whole thing. I need to convert the speedo to run electronicaly. I have noticed that the speedo cable just screws into the gearbox. Can I just unscrew that and screw a 'converter' into its place? If so can I get the part off another Toyota? & will it be a single cable that runs from it to the speedo (thats what I need)? oh, and will it make a differeance to the speed that is being dispayed? Thanks Ross
  10. T-bar

    Service Parts

    where's the best place to buy from, I usally use Linco or Partco who do you recommend?
  11. going to be really contraversial here, it's actually not that good if your a mk1 owner, in my opinon. I have found a better forum but its not UK based. - Sorry But hey I still come back because I enjoy the content etc. Probably will return more once I buy the celica im after.
  12. Why not, just to be different, mount the beesting in the middle of the engine cover - Lotus Elise stylee :D
  13. Only during the summer. Use a Citroen ZX for a winter car, going to be upgraded to a Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 when I can afford it! yeay!
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