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  1. acemiko

    Advice Plz

    old forum user in need of some advice about the auris. I am looking to buy one on a 08 plate it is a sr ? but dont know the order of the range now as its not the old t2-tspirit can some one tell me where it fits in the order and it is £9.930 with 20k a fair price? And is there any problems i should know about the car? thanks in advance
  2. when i had my verso the buzzer (high pitch squeak) came on a lot, and now i have a ts have been told that the light comes on first but the buzzer only comes on when the system cant help you any more, so your on your own at that point :D
  3. got my TTE springs of the bay for £30, cant say i have seen them cheaper than that :D but as for full kit why not try envy??
  4. on 35mm drop but with standard rims no problems on scraping speed humps in fact it feels less bouncy lol more of a bang than a bounce
  5. acemiko


    yeah no problem rinko will put a pic up in the morning but with the hose ban they are both looking DIRTY :ffs: but you will see the difference and as for insurance i wouldn't tell them as they are standard on the new t-sport and they are tte so Toyota approved ??? think i am right
  6. acemiko


    :D Hi i am on 35mm drop tte springs. I like them as i have 2 corollas and mine is much better in the bends , not alot but much better than the other car think i need a strut brace soon and as for price £30 on the bay
  7. damn had a look at your ad and for under 5k you can buy a 02 cts :!Removed!: Whats that all about? good luck on the sale
  8. how much was the car lowered by??
  9. :censor: been in again still they say nothings wrong so i guess i will have to change the pads my self thanks to a thread showing how to. which leads me to ask when ordering them do i need to renew the disc's ?? and I'm i right in thinking i need to change both front wheel pads together?
  10. lmao just a few times
  11. wonder wheels for me great stuff
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