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  1. Happy Birthday Wakey-T-Sport!

  2. i couldnt get finance at the time :P because of neg equity :( but got a phone call this mornin its gone through nw :D
  3. lol at everyone wanting bits nah its going in as is cos its going into work so dont want to cause any bother :/ soz
  4. Well its final just had fone call im through for finance so the corolla is going in as part/x and i've gone back to the dark side of vauxhall but the VXR :D thats right bought a Astra VXR took it out on thurday and :o i loved it the sound, power, seats the looks everything just suited me down to the ground :D nt sure weather to wait for my private plate to be swapped over or take it and go bck for the private plate? so from this to this :D cheers saul.
  5. no mate some one come and collected them last night :/ I'm with Dale on this one... i know wat you mean lads but that wasn't my plan tbh the momos where badly curb'd, and always loved multi-spokes had them on all my vauxhalls ive already replied to ur pm bud
  6. cheers for comments ppl i changed them cos my momo's where curbed to :censor: that corolla in link jesus its gash :/ hate the exhausts :/
  7. Well after deciding to keep the corolla for a while still :) decided to spend sum money on her :P got myself private plate for my 20th and when to pick up the new wheels yesterday thanks again to hoover :D cheers saul
  8. On mainly motorway journey's i get around 40mpg.... record being 41mpg going to/coming back from last years JAE ha beat u gaz i gt 42.7 average on way back from NEC sat between 75-80 :P n this corolla u test drove mate where did u go to look at it?
  9. LOL i no wont cost much more for japfest tho would it? deffo need track day FTW! :P whats on the cards?
  10. :( nt fancy a track day instead lads like donnington or summit? id deffo come to a track day nt that bothered bwt takin it dwn strip :/
  11. wat stand u off on mate? same one as toweylowey i think, its another corolla/yaris group :) im off on same stand matey so im in for sum beers after stopping in hotel sat night :)
  12. just bwt to book a hotel for me n mates for saturday night lookin forward to it now :)