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  1. In February 2016, our 2004 RAV4.2 petrol had it's 1st clutch change at 139,000 miles. Three years six months later, it's on it's way out again, at only 42,000 miles. Can anyone tell me please how many miles a clutch should last for. Our RAV4 isn't worked hard and does not tow anything.
  2. Our RAV4.2 petrol 5 door XT3 has done 140,000 miles. The clutch is now showing signs of wearing out, so we need to change it soon. Has anyone an idea of the price for a new clutch and fitting for a petrol 4.2? We had a new clutch on a RAV4.1 six years ago, that was £550.
  3. Problem solved. The noise was due to a worn rear wheel hub. Replaced and now running great again. : )
  4. Is it a Des O'Conner CD? I read somewhere all Toyota cd systems are programmed to refuse these. Something about driver/passenger health and saftey.
  5. Our RAV4.2 five door petrol has aquired a terrible loud noise coming from the rear. It is best discribed as sounding like a jet engine roar. It changes pitch when cornering left. It is constant when driving. It is not wheel bearings. She is going to the docs this Friday, July 31st. Has anyone got a suggestion as to what is causing this worrying noise. Thanks, Ady.
  6. Happy Birthday Ady-Rav4!

  7. Well it reads quite grim, but at the end of the day, it's a long range weather forecast. I'm still gonna start buying bags of grit while stocks are high. No problem for our RAV, but I drive a rwd Tranny! Burrr, got the central heating on now....
  8. Hi everyone, my hairdresser has an S reg RAV4.1 Freesport 3dr. In fact, she's had it for years and years, upgrading from a Renault 5! It's only done around 60,000, sounds brand new, she still loves it. I'll get to the point now! I asked her today how her RAV was, she told me that she has a problem with the remote. I listened and said I'll give a shout out on here for some info. When she goes to open the RAV with the remote, it will refuse to unlock, so she has to open the door with key. When she starts the car up, the fault clears and from then, the fob works ok. It only happens on the first outing of the day. This happens on both of her remotes, even with new batteries fitted. The red light comes on the fob as it should, when pressing to unlock. I soppose it's transponder fault related but I don't know for sure. I would like to know what could be wrong and what is best for her to do. Any help appreciated.
  9. Well trust you lot , un I thought it was just foam until now!
  10. Hi everyone, just thought I'd share this with you all. At the moment on ebay, there's a 1:18th scale diecast RAV4.3 up for grabs. This is a stunning model, but in LHD guise. The down side....It's in China! Check out these pics.........
  11. Pictures please! Show us all your brand new RAV4 : )
  12. Sorry, but I just have to say, not a favour of run flats at all, because in reality they seem to bring on more stress. In fact, when I come across a 4.3, I always look to see if there's a spare on the rear. If it has, then I think the owner thinks like me. I understand the concept about run flats, but I don't like. Proud to show off my rear on my 4.2!
  13. As regards to the silver paint, I needed some silver for our 4.1 we use to own. Our local Mr.T was able to give us the paint code, then I went to a motor factors who where able to make me a large aerosol can. The paint was spot on shade.
  14. Haha, I can see this going on until September. Obviously we should go the Chris Evans way (with his 'car fest')', hence a RAV4 Fest South in July, then a RAV4 Fest North in August. There, sorted! And all those going from the south to the north one can go in convoy, how cool that woud be! C'mon, we've got to know how many and where from.
  15. Gosh! Thanks guys for all the nice comments, I had a lovely birthday. I've had two weeks now to come to terms with being 50, but still can't believe it, 1963 seems a long time ago! Nice to know a lot of us RAV'ers feel younger than we are! Cheers to you all, Ady
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