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  1. Im going to ring the supplier although it was a god awful service to start off with so im not expecting any help off them at all....
  2. Do these look like they are polished and lacquered finish? Im not sure if they have - is there any way to tell?
  3. Definitely under - i only bought these in Sept 08 for £800 and these marks started to appear back end of last year...should this be expected?
  4. Hi all I bought some Lenso Riezen alloys for my Celica and ive not kerbed them at all, clean them at leats every 2 weeks and they keep developing strange marks on them that just wont come off - photos attached - any ideas anyone please????? Ive also attached a pic of them on the car and they look great - the marks are only visible closeish but i dont like them!! Thanks Paul
  5. Hi all Im desperately trying to get hold of some of these (pic attached) but cant locate them anywhere...i know they were discontinued by Racing hart but someone somewhere must be able to get them? Have some they dont want? Know a guy who knows a guy . . . Any help please? If not - anyone recommend any of a similar style? Ive seen Lenso Riezens (pic attached) that look the closest so far? Cheers Paul
  6. Do you mean your selling them or?? Id defo be interested if you are - if not - anyone know where you can get em???!!!! Cheers
  7. Hi All Anyone know where a good set of Raching Hart (RS?) Alloys can be found? Ive looked everywhere for these bad boys and everywhere just says discontinued...Surely a set must be available somewhere? And does anyone know if these can fit straight onto my Gen 7? Thanks peeps Paul
  8. Hi all Anyone know where the alloys / spoiler etc. from a GT can be purchased? Ive a standard 140 vvti and wouldnt mind making it look like a GT without forking out the £15k price for a GT!! Anyone any ideas? Thanks Paul
  9. That Kitted out T Sport looks the business!! Ive got the 140 vvti with the spoiler as above and standard bubbling 5 spoke toyta alloys, and ive love to make it look more like that.... What have you got there exactly? Veilside full kit is it? How much did that get? What alloys are they? Cost? and that spoiler is great! Trd did you say? Again sorry how much? Lot of questions i know but thats exactly the kind of thing im after!! Paul
  10. Hi yes i spose my description of standard wasnt exactly the best now i think bout it!! It just came with the car so i assume standard as you say T Sport but could be wrong - pic attached - this isnt actually my car but it is the same spoiler:
  11. Hi All Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get the most out of petrol for the celica gen 7? Ive just accepted a new job in blackburn which will be approx 100 miles a day roundtrip - sounds crazy i guess but was a really good job offer. Ive looked into how much itll cost me based on what i get out of my celica now (roughly 35mpg) and im looking at 3k a year just on petrol, not to mention wear and tear on the car etc. I looked into an LPG conversion but read some horror stories of the engine melting or something after 40k miles, and even the cost was a shocker upfront - was quoted 2k for the conversion!! I may move closer to blackburn eventually - but could still be looking at 70miles a day roundtrip so am just wondering if anyone has any simple / great ideas for how i, or anyone who has a similar issue, can save on the massive petrol spend...? Thanks Paul
  12. Hi all you fellow celica buddies Just a question - ive got on my GEN 7 celica what i think is the standard spoiler from toyota and am looking for a new one but theres just so many out there and im not sure which one i like best - ive looked on POTN and seen the TRD one - Extreme Dimensions etc. - just wanting others views / pics even of what spoiler can really make a celica look even better than it already does!! Thanks Paul
  13. Thats all great guys - thanks for the help - ive decided on 17s mainly because of all that i have read about how harsh the ride could be otherwise...dont think the ladyfriend would appreciate that at all!! So - people talk about keeping the rolling radius the same...my current tyres are 205 50 16 - theyre those on the alloys that came with the car (i believe they are the standard celica 5 spoke bubbling alloys - and oh yes - mine have bubbled!!), so what would i best sticking to for some good 17s so as not to affect ABS or my speedo? Tyre size wise? And if anyone can any suggestions for good alloys as im still not convinced on how the toyamas will look? Thanks again Peeps.. Paul
  14. Hi all May sound like a silly question but i have the standard alloys on my 140bhp Gen 7 Celica and am looking to upgrade to 18" Wolfrace Asia-Tec Toyama Blacks - but recently one of the guys at the local Toyota garage warned me off saying that petrol consumption will be cr*p and that it can affect how well ABS works...Is any of this true? Thanks Paul
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