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  1. Hi ... you can ask with tte in Germany(Florian Bachus). He's import japan trd parts for your yaris. Trd Kit for 1NZFE costs + or - 5000 euro excluse taxes. Look this site :) : http://trdparts.jp/english/list_car_index.html Search Vitz and find Bolt on Turbo conversion Bye bye ... Trd promise 150hp on Yaris ... Swiss boy say me : No 150 hp but 160 hp tested. Great Trd ^_^
  2. Hello ...Have somebody mounted these components on your car? I will buy them but i don't know merits and lacks. Can you tell me of their. Thank you ..... Bye bye
  3. Hallo ... i find Jaxx because i spoke with him more time ago. I should say you : Thank you very much for all time that he has forgotten for me. Ok ... i write my question : My car have TTE Springs and Koni Sport ... ok? Now i will want to put 17 inches on my car. I read in last post that rear arches must be rolled. The question is : I must roll only the rim(to bend the rim) that it go into the arch or i must wide rear arches in an other way? After this work can i drive my car + 3 person in the car? Do Tyres touch in the rear arches? Excuse me for my bad english .. i hope you known the same :))) I wait your answer .. bye bye
  4. Hallo Jaxx .. contact me on luca.filo@virgilio.it. I say you more news on my Yaris ^_^
  5. These wheels aren't Wolfrace but Racer Kosei (Japan Wheels) Bye bye
  6. Alec Empire


    www.tommykaira.com you search the Baby Gang(Vitz)photo. In this site you can try other photos and some informations about engine (127hp) and other parts of Tommykaira Yaris. But there 's a problem. English site is offline
  7. Alec Empire


    I prefer this front bumper for my Yaris
  8. You try to Digital Tuning. www.digitaltuning.ch They promise 12 hp but i think that it's a dream. My friend have tried this chip and it was feel happy to spend some money for it. bye bye
  9. Ciao D4D sei iscritto nel sito dello Yaris Club Italia? Questo sito inglese e' davvero interessante c'e' un po' di tutto e poi gli inglesi sono piu' socievoli dei tedeschi. Che problemi hai con l'autoradio?
  10. Hallo where do i find these wheels? I see them in USA site but i don't know anybody that import in Europe. I see a Black Celica T18 with these wheels in Owners toyota Club photo gallery. Can you help me? Thank you ..... bye bye
  11. In.Pro lights www.in-pro.de
  12. www.yarisclubitalia.com
  13. 7,5j x 16 Inch Mak Wheels. If you don't a mistake the size of these wheels is this. However you try to contact Peter of Holland Yaris Club. This is Peter's car
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