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  1. You're lucky to get 15k from your Yaris diesel ! I only got 11,000 miles from my front tyres! (Yokohama's). I had the tracking tested & that was spot on......I think Yokohama tyres are 'cr.p' I bought the Yaris diesel because I wanted economical driving....only to find I needed to replace the front tyres after the first year!!! My previous car was a Corolla & I got 24,000 miles from the front tyres ( Dunlops).
  2. Thanks for the replies. The tread on the rest of the front tyres is fine..about 4mm. I too had a chat with a tyre fitter & without saying what my problem was concerning my Yokohama's, he said that they, (Yokohama's) have a softer compound on the outer edge & therefore wear quite quickly! Yokohama UK have offered to inspect the tyres, when I replace them....we will see then if there is a problem with the tyre construction. On the subject of tracking, my local Toyota dealer said they tested the tracking at the recent service & found no problem. I certainly haven't driven over any kerbs since I bought the car 'new' just under a year ago, so I didn't expect the tracking to be out. My tyres on my previous car (Corolla) by the way, were Dunlops & as I stated earlier gave me 24,154 trouble free miles on the front pair!
  3. Hi, Anyone out there experinced rapid front tyre wear on their Yaris ?? (Yokohama tyres fitted as standard). Mine are worn on outer edges after only 10,000 miles! I covered over 24,000 miles on my front tyres on my previous Corolla. Thanks for any info.
  4. Hi Just joined TOC. Own a YARIS 1.4 Diesel & live in Somerset.