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  2. hello there, i am a G6R owner as well,i have driven this for half year,and i dont find any problem at all.......The car just amazing !! i am Highly recommend this !!
  3. me only have 34400 on my 1999 corolla
  4. hello mate...i am wondering does this TTE Preformance kit fits on E11 corolla G6R and if yes how much would that be???
  5. so are u fitting the supercharger in with the 4afe engine or...u change da engine as well???
  6. if ur engine warning lights is on .....there is many things could possible happan...but most of them are electrical problems , so the best way is take ur car bak to the main dealer and re code it....coz sometimes it just come on with no reason....so i higher recommened u to check it asap
  7. Well fo rme i think the 4agze engine should the car most...i am driving ae92 b4 as well....coz i saw some data from japan yeah it saying if u put a 3sgte engine in ....even u put 17 inch alloys on...it just always wheel spin....no there is no good for driving ... ....that's wat i suggest ...
  8. and i also thinking about to put a turbo on with da 4afe instead of changing engine .....then put a better head gasket to increase to compression ratio...do u think it will come out good??
  9. i tell u all something...basic the 20 V is on the cylinder head which is nothing to do to the bottom .....in general speaking. wat i worry is all the hole to connect the headbolts will it fit ....that's all i want to know thank you...
  10. hi there , i just wondering is ur 20 V engines come with the car,or u put it in?? coz i got a G6R , and i want to change a black top 20v angine in,and i just wondering can i just change the cylinder head instead of the whole engine ???? coz i think they are both 1.6 so there bottom should be the same. if u or ur friend know anyting about it please must tell me.....thank you very much
  11. does it fit to all corolla or some specific model only??
  12. hello...anyone can tell me where i can buy the WRC spoiler for my coroll G6R E11,and how much ould it be??and the front grill as well.
  13. It's a Early type $age engine Tvis .....i am 100 % sure
  14. hello mates....i Don't Think they do one for corolla........ coz i was looking for it as well...even i search roind europe and japan.
  15. hello,if you want to have this coversion,i would suggest u to go to the one locate in north london and the name is call Advance Evolution, they are exprience to fit superchanger into anycar.... and they are a very good preformance tuner... go www.advanceevolution.co.uk and have a look!
  16. it must be the problem from ur starter motors....
  17. so are u drving the AE111 jap model ?? i love it really much ,and i currently got the G6R u know the uk AE111 ,and i am think to put the black top 20 V cylinder head into my car with out changing the bottom end. Does it work??? instead i need to changing the whole things. i think we are doing da same things tho ^^
  18. Anyone here got a corolla G6R ?? or is anyone know can i put the Ae111 (jap) cylinder head ,to fit in Ae111(UK) with out changing the bottom end ?? will it straight fit??
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