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  1. Hey, I am not sure if any of you can fix this, help fis this, but sometimes when i turn off my car i hear an electrical buzzing sound coming from a Black cylinder in my engine bay. Its got two electrical cables going into it from the top. My engine is a 3SFE in the ST162 Celica. The part is a Denso item. I think it might be like the solenoid, something.....i dunno. i could et a picture if any of you ask.
  2. hi all, I am soon going to buy a better sound system for my 4th gen celica where would i be able to place some 6" splits in the doors or near the foot area? I have placed some 6" by 9" in the rear shelf already. Thanks for the help ;)
  3. Hey hows it goin, I only got my car a few months ago and was goin to get the SX model with the 3SGE. But the old man went and bought me the ST of the same year I was wondering if it is possible to fit a pod filter DIY and if so where do i put it? Since my car has the 3SFE can i put in something like a 3SGE head and any other parts to make it like a 3SGE? or should i just do a transplant? Cheers
  4. Google, Then i was interested in a corolla, now i got a celica and am greatful for the advice, can never get me to quit (Please dont make me quit)
  5. Hmmmph, I have a bit of a problem here... I was going to get an exhaust and extractors for my future car 86 (SX) but didnt get it coz i got an 89 ST instead. I was wondring if i should now get 2 1/4" mandrel piping??? if i got 2 1/2" would i lose power? I also want the exhaust to be loud and im not sure if ill get it with the 2 1/4" PLZ help Cheers
  6. Capo

    Celica St/sx 86'

    Yep im from aus Adelaide. Cheers mate also can you get more parts for the 3SGE than the 3SFE and for cheaper?
  7. Hey, What has happend 2 the site? ..... anyway i was wondering which car is better. The toyota celica SX or the ST of 86'. Which one is more known, more reliable, faster and looks better. Any help will be appreciated! :D Cheers
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