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  1. Did you ever cure this as I have a very similar issue?
  2. Could be oil pressure, I had the same issue with a corolla. Needed a new oil pump and all was good fortunately. Didn't do any further damage to the engine. Lovely old bus by the way, I'm on the lookout for one.
  3. Please message me if you have one thanks.
  4. Hi Philip A solution I used in the past was from Halfords of all places. They used to sell a silicon spray made by Holts I think that made the seals swell slightly and soften. Worked a treat on my Mk1 MR2.
  5. A machine shop may be able to renew the bearing material for you. Fancy one of these myself
  6. Hi Andrew Thanks for your reply, could you please send me a couple of pics to my e mail address listed above in a previous response? Also details of engine work required. Thanks
  7. Hi Charlotte. Could you send me some more details to nigxl at nigxl dot plus.com Thanks
  8. I had a 1980 one of these back in the 80s. Smashing car, wish I still had it. She was badged as a corolla SR and if I remember correctly it had the 1.6 18R engine fitted. Seem to remember I had to fit a replacement oil pump to it, oh and the front edge of the bonnet rotted away and it wasn't that old. If yours is still good pump some rust preventor in there. Sorry just noticed yours is a DX, they probably had the same engine though.
  9. I know parts are scarce but I quite fancy buying one if anyone knows of any for sale?
  10. Where abouts are you located? That does seem quite thirsty, have you checked the carb settings? I do quite like the model you have.
  11. Things seem to have got a bit political on here since my last visit some months ago and I don't wish to add any comments to fuel any fires. Suffice it to say that if your vehicle has a full service history and not have a huge mileage then everything should be fine
  12. I'm sure everything will be fine
  13. The 2.2 diesels have big issues a search on here should tell you more. The 2.0 diesel is by far the best diesel in my opinion, we have had 2 to date and have changed the DMF to a solid flywheel and conventional clutch on the one we are now selling and it has been perfect for the last couple of years. That said I'm glad I had a full extended Toyota warranty when I bought mine as I have had a replacement sunroof, stereo and waterpump. All expensive items to have done if you are paying for them out of your own pocket. I have never owned a car as long as the diesel Rav and really didn't want to sell it, so I gave it to my better half who has been using it for the last year.
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