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  1. ok dude this is what u need to do: bridge the amp (for sum reson u guys missed the bit on the net that says: 1200w X 1 @ 4 Ohms (bridged mono)) and then hook up you subbies in series. that way the subbies will both go off at the exact same time. i have heard subbies not going at the same time and it was pretty f**ked. and you shouldnt be too worries about the amps power output matching the subbs. i have run a 450W sub off a bridged 2 x 50w amp for a year back in the days. hahaha. so once you have them hooked up do this: -on the amp turn off loud or mega bass or any equivilant feature. -set the low pass filter to 100hz.(might need to be a little bit higher depending on the music u listen too. play ur fav track and tune it so the bass is not getting cut off) -if your head unit has the features built in to control the sub then set the amp roughly so it sounds right and then do the rest of the tuning from the drivers seat. cos thats where you will be hearing the music from anyways. -if not then the only thing left to tune is the volume of the sub in relation to the other speakers. you dont want it over powering the other speakers. so if your hu hasnt got sub control then youll need an assistant that can change the amp setting as you inruct him. and dont forget that over time (a few weeks dependind how much u listen and how loud) your speakers will burn in and sound better. with new speakers dont pump them up too much right away, after like 30 min max of playing u should be able to pump it fully.
  2. if the car has never been pushed hard for a long time and then it starts taking a harsher driving style something will give. i seen cars pushed real hard all their lives last longer then cars that have been driven by grannies. my advice is to get some of the 'high milage 'oils for ur cars, it has speical chemicals the help out the dried out gaskets and seels so they are flexible and not brittle.
  3. i spent many many nights speaking about this with my mates. the car i think is the best in the world(best ergonomics, looks, handling and most relistic to own by a normal (rich) person) is any gemballa. gembella is basically a company that does up porsches (to the max). heres pics : http://www.fast-autos.net/gemballa/gemballa.html http://www.gemballa.com http://www.gemballausa.com/
  4. the KA is such a p00f car, like the yaris. not manly in any way what so ever. :arrgg-matey: i dont know how somone could coment on other cars driving something like that. but thats just my personal opinion.
  5. it sounds like CTS_BOY is trying to pimp his gf off. :!Removed!:
  6. go here: http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ccsshb/12cyl/ ADMIN: can u move this to general discutions?
  7. original: http://www.moderndrunkardmagazine.com/issu...4-40-things.htm
  8. yeh, clutch/flywheel it could be that ur clutch cable isnt attached or sumthing.
  9. i know this is a big ask, but i would really really appreiciate it if you could put a sound file of your exhaust on here.
  10. sorry to put a dampner on ur plans but if u put a straight throught exhaust on this ull loose power. ur engine needs back pressure to have torque. the rally cars can have the exhaust they have firstly cos theyre turbo (a turbo creates back pressure, so they dont loose torque), and secondly they have spent 1000s of $$ engeneering their exhausts. i hope u have thought this out properly and spoken to some professionals, dont wanna c that sweet ride struggling to get to 100.
  11. if i caught some ****** doing that to my car i would put the hand he did it with on a anvil and smash. :ffs:
  12. oz viking, heres the site: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/index.php?showforum=4
  13. ill b purchasing a spotivo end of this month :D cant wait! btw oz_viking come visit the aus toc forum: http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/index.php?showforum=4
  14. very cool. what advantages did the lightweight flywheel give u?
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