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  1. Flattening the battery (multiple times) will affect it's longevity too.
  2. I think the wiring should already be in place (although not sure about the 'plus' model). All that is needed is the control stick, plus fitting of course. Your dealer may be able to help.
  3. Just had my car serviced and MOT'd (collect & deliver), it had covered 1847 miles since last service/MOT one year ago. Servicing + insurance have cost me nigh 0n £600 in that time. Did I read that some insurance companies are offering some kind of a discount for these (temporary) low mileages, or is that just wishful thinking?
  4. Have owned two Gen3 Prius over the past 8 years - both consistently lost at least 10mpg every winter.
  5. Tim you state the car is at 50K, do you mean miles or kms? 50k (of whatever) seems a bit low for a taxi. UK models have 10k mile servicing, alternating intermediate/full. If yours is 50k miles then it is due (or maybe had) an intermediate service. What does the oil look like? Is the w/washer bottle full? May give a clue as to any recent servicing.
  6. Why not take it to a friendly Toyota dealer to see if they'll give it a once-over for you, or, if not, investing in a full service there might encourage them to be a bit more helpful. Will be at a cost obviously, but would (hopefully) put your mind at rest. Good luck.
  7. I had 2 Mini-vans - a 1962 grey (6097DD), and a 1966 green (JFH655D) which I bought brand new for £395 including £10 for undersealing. Seemed to have as much fun driving them in those days as I do today's car. Happy (youthful) days!
  8. I once had a '97 Civic Coupe that appeared in various shades of green or blue depending on the angle viewed from and whether it was sunny or not.
  9. Yep - but the stepping stones are a little too far apart for me at the moment.
  10. I've now received my letter. So basically I'm being asked to fork out £250 to (partially) rectify what is really a Toyota design shortcoming. Hmm.... After being a Toyota customer for over 32 years, currently on our 11th, I'm feeling a little bit peeved this morning. Perhaps Toyota should offer this solution on a 'cost only' basis, rather than earning a bob or two for themselves and/or their franchisee. Also, I wonder if this item is transferable from one car to another, or are they designed for a particular model only?
  11. Cars already have a manually operated noisemaker if someone looks like stepping in your path - it's called a horn!
  12. What about when in a long slow-moving queue of traffic? In a decade or two when everybody will be driving EV/hybrid cars there'll be a right old racket assortment going on if they can't be disabled.
  13. I live just outside Gloucester and know that there's certainly one in the public car park at the bottom of Westgate Street in Gloucester. Provided it's serviceable of course...
  14. Well I'm now a member of this 5+ group but still get this annoying pop-up every time click on this forum - and I've got Adblocker on too. And the 'Welcome Pack' has (so far at least) consisted of a single sheet letter with a paper credit card sized sticker attached.
  15. Now that sounds like a good idea Chris, will give it a go if I have any further problems. In my (allbeit limited) experience Gorilla products are extremely effective.
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