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  1. Duffryn

    Dash cam

    Me and my big mouth - my dashcam fell off in the sun today....
  2. Depends on what you intend to use the car for of course, but for me buying a car at that mileage would be a bit of a head-scratcher. Other items will start to show signs of wear at that mileage apart from the hybrid battery. Could you get a friendly Toyota dealer to give it a once over for you (for a price no doubt!) before you commit to buying?
  3. Duffryn

    Dash cam

    In the almost 2 years that I've had my dashcam it's only dropped off twice - both times last summer when the car was parked the hot sun for some while. Mine is only secured by me rubbing spittle on the pad. As someone suggested, perhaps your pad is damaged in some way.
  4. What about that Rain-X stuff? Has anybody tried that (I never have)? Would it have any beneficial effect, or just be a waste of dosh?
  5. Have you tried a glass polish on the screen? Did something attach itself to the screen, unseen and undetected, during manufacture/installation (unlikely I know as more than one car affected similarly). I've used glass polish in the past on previous cars to pretty good effect. In my experience windscreen wipers don't seem to operate trouble free for very long, but having said that the original ones still on my current 5yr old car are probably the most trouble free of any car I've ever owned. Reluctant to change them for that reason, so long as they are efficient and safe enough to pass the MOT.
  6. Well I've owned 2 Toyota saloons, a 1998 Avensis and a 2007 Avensis, and can honestly say I never really had a rear view problem with either. No rear cameras either, although I did have rear sensors fitted to the later model (at Mrs Duffryns' suggestion - even so she was never really happy driving it cos "it's so big"!).
  7. It's a helluva long time since I was a boy racer, but, like the OP, I generally prefer the look of a saloon over a hatchback. It would be a lot of money to shell out though when I'm more than happy with my current machine.
  8. Not really familiar with the Prius+ but would a 'shark fin' style aerial, as fitted to the Gen 4 Prius I believe, be suitable? Would like one for my Gen 3 if they're available.
  9. As an aside - I was watching a traffic cops type programme (A1 Britains Longest Road?) the other day, where a Prius had been badly rear-ended on the dual carriageway in Yorkshire. The first police car had arrived, and the cops had identified the badly damaged and immobile Prius as a hybrid (!), and, as such they were unable to touch the vehicle as the whole body could be 'live'. They would have to wait until a specialist car recovery team arrived. I suppose in theory this could be correct, but I just wonder if there had happened to be folk trapped inside the car perhaps hurt how that would pan out?
  10. Yeah, it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek comment Andrew! I ticked the box authorising my (adverse) comments to be passed to the dealership, but I bet I don't receive any contact back from them. Seriously considering changing to a different dealership next time.
  11. Out of interest - I've just received (and completed) an emailed questionnaire. Obviously someone at Toyota reads this forum.......
  12. Hope this isn't too far off topic, but might be a bit relevant regarding dissatisfaction. I had my car in for a service and the recall recently at my preferred dealership, and was very disappointed to have to experience a 'disagreement' with a member of their staff (I was eventually proved to be in the right, but no apology was forthcoming on the day). However, another member of staff who had witnessed the 'conversation' did ring me the following day to offer an apology, and suggested I make an appropriate comment in any follow-up questionnaire I might receive, as Toyota take a dim view of any adverse comments given, and look to expect 10/10s throughout. I would certainly make an 'appropriate comment' if I get a questionnaire, but in all my years (30+) of dealings with Toyota I think I have only ever received just one, so I don't hold out much hope. Hope you get to receive a questionnaire Andrew so you can have your two'penneth, although the cynic in me still wonders if Toyota would take much notice.
  13. Squeaks and rattles are always worse in the cold weather in my experience. Maybe the colder temps make the plastic less flexible or something?
  14. I doubt whether many Toyota dealers would have 2005/6 Prius (as specified by the OP) on the forecourt today. Just possibly, but only relatively low mileage examples with full dealer history, in which case should be a good buy, allbeit relatively expensive. It's always worth checking on the the Govt. MOT history site too, before any possible purchase (or Cazana).