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  1. Duffryn

    Gen 3 Steering Fault

    Yeah, it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek comment Andrew! I ticked the box authorising my (adverse) comments to be passed to the dealership, but I bet I don't receive any contact back from them. Seriously considering changing to a different dealership next time.
  2. Duffryn

    Gen 3 Steering Fault

    Out of interest - I've just received (and completed) an emailed questionnaire. Obviously someone at Toyota reads this forum.......
  3. Duffryn

    Gen 3 Steering Fault

    Hope this isn't too far off topic, but might be a bit relevant regarding dissatisfaction. I had my car in for a service and the recall recently at my preferred dealership, and was very disappointed to have to experience a 'disagreement' with a member of their staff (I was eventually proved to be in the right, but no apology was forthcoming on the day). However, another member of staff who had witnessed the 'conversation' did ring me the following day to offer an apology, and suggested I make an appropriate comment in any follow-up questionnaire I might receive, as Toyota take a dim view of any adverse comments given, and look to expect 10/10s throughout. I would certainly make an 'appropriate comment' if I get a questionnaire, but in all my years (30+) of dealings with Toyota I think I have only ever received just one, so I don't hold out much hope. Hope you get to receive a questionnaire Andrew so you can have your two'penneth, although the cynic in me still wonders if Toyota would take much notice.
  4. Duffryn

    Prius Gen 4 top rated.

    Squeaks and rattles are always worse in the cold weather in my experience. Maybe the colder temps make the plastic less flexible or something?
  5. Duffryn

    Thinking of buying an older Prius?

    I doubt whether many Toyota dealers would have 2005/6 Prius (as specified by the OP) on the forecourt today. Just possibly, but only relatively low mileage examples with full dealer history, in which case should be a good buy, allbeit relatively expensive. It's always worth checking on the the Govt. MOT history site too, before any possible purchase (or Cazana).
  6. Duffryn

    Another recall

    Well, my car needs 2 new tyres, so if they hurry along with the recall notice then my dealer can fit the tyres at the same visit that they do the update - providing of course they can price-match (or near enough) Protyres quote. I will ring my dealer tomorrow to see if they've heard anything yet.
  7. Duffryn

    Gen 4 Prius Plug In

    Sorry to go on about tyres again (yawn!), but after inspecting my tyres today I see that I shall need to replace the fronts very shortly (rears are ok). Looking at Dunlop Blue Response I note that they quote a profile of 50 (215/50/17W), whereas my current Toyo OE tyres are 215/45/17. Anyone know if it would be permissible to run the 2 Dunlops on the front while retaining the Toyos on the rear, or do I need to change all 4 to keep the same profile all round? And would the '50' as opposed to '45' make an audible difference, as IMO road noise amplified inside the car is the one thing that reduces enjoyment of driving it?
  8. Duffryn

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    Some 10 years ago was looking for a nearly new Avensis, spotted one at a dealer 50 miles from my home, went for a look, and it would have suited me. However the salesman wouldn't give me anywhere near market price for my trade-in (3 yr old Honda Civic) because he didn't like it's colour. Insulting and unbelievable. Goodbye dealer.
  9. Duffryn

    Prius refused to turn on

    I was told by the AA that they are not allowed to touch anything to do with the HV system (ie anything coloured orange). Too specialised/dangerous to tinker with out on the road. Sounds good sense to me.
  10. Had colour coded rears fitted in 2016 by a Toyota dealership for £345 inc.VAT. Not cheap by any means but, after getting used to them on previous cars I wasn't comfortable relying on the camera, particularly as it didn't have any lined markings incorporated.
  11. Duffryn

    Gen 4 Air Conditioning

    I was charged £57.50 + VAT for an a/c service carried out during the cars 4 year service 6 months ago. As the car was 4 years old (although only 27k on the clock) I thought that to be fair enough. They added some citrus-smelling stuff to the system too, very pleasant while it lasted.
  12. Duffryn

    reversing beeper and cd player on gen 4

    Both of the Gen 3's I've owned have had the reversing beeper turned off (by different dealers), apart of course from the initial beep which is a good thing to have IMO. Having them switched off also makes it easier to hear the beeper related to the reversing sensors which I had fitted to my car (not too keen on the camera).
  13. Duffryn

    Registration Plate Fixings

    A thought did cross my mind to have the England flag to replace that damn EU one, but as the wife is proudly Welsh I'd imagine that suggestion would have been vetoed PDQ! UK one perhaps, but eventually settled for plain but with a red border surround.
  14. Duffryn

    Registration Plate Fixings

    I recall that when I worked temporarily at a Toyota dealership (allbeit nearly 20 years ago!) they kept a set of home-made templates for each model in the range. I always replace the numberplates when I change my car too, if only to remove the EU flag as well as dealers advert. Find Halfords plates quite satisfactory.
  15. Duffryn

    Wheel nuts replacement

    I've fitted some as well Forge, it's pity the ugly locking wheel nut can't be covered somehow.