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  1. Hi Roadrunner. I saw that you found a paint match for another owner.

    i have a Toyota super custom hiace wagon 1992 import. Two tone dark green and silver grey. Would you be able to find the colour codes for me.

    would really appreciate your help as no one I have spoken too has been able to help.

    kind regards



  2. Happy Birthday Roadrunner!

  3. Thanks all of you guys. Hope to see you at some of the meets this year.
  4. I tried that, no joy. They said the roads are checked every 3 months. If the accident happened within that 3 months you could'nt claim.
  5. what the colour code mate? i'm a sprayer, i'll check how many shades there are.
  6. I've always used it & never had a problem, did mine 3 years ago & it's been fine since. If you used brake fluid on a painted calliper it will take the paint off. But if you want to go ahead with a new calliper thats up to you.
  7. It'll be the piston sticking, celicas are prone for that. Take the pads out & undo the bottom bolt on the caliper & lift it up. Work the piston out a short way being very carful not to pop it out. Lift the rubber dust cover up slightly, try not to tear it cos the rubber is very thin. Squirt some WD40 inside the rubber & work the piston in & out a few times until it's moving freely. then put it all back together, it should be fine. It helps if you have somone to pump the brakes for you.
  8. It's a long bar that goes across the body & curves at either end. Two u-bolt fixings in the middle of the bar & bolting onto the drop links either end. F+R are pretty much both the same. I would replace the drop links at the same time.
  9. asha must have had a cable.
  10. The cable runs from the gearbox, up through the bulkhead to the back of the speedo. I think theres a nylon gear that goes into the gearbox. I expect some of the teeth are broken.
  11. A wheel bearing would make a noise all the time, not just on full lock.
  12. Was it a standard clutch or uprated? somtimes uprated ones do chatter.
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