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  1. Happy Birthday cooperman66!

  2. not sure if there for new style yaris but might be worth a gander
  3. depends what driving you do, here on the isle of wight we dont own a motorway so im mainly doing 10 mile runs to work on b roads and returning aprox 54mpg, engine is still new though so as loosens up will get better, but 90 bhp is cool, i had a fabia vrs before that had 130 brake but yaris is ok not as flat as i was expecting, hope you enjoy motor so much more space than old yaris i should know we had 4 of them
  4. you aint buying a dud car, is the new one diesel ? and cant you take 6cd player out to put in new one ? best check trade in values because i have no idea what it is worth now to tell the truth
  5. cooperman66

    Angel Eyes

    looks the dogs danglies mate, wish they did them for new shape yaris because i would certainly caine the credit card for some
  6. looks great mate, you must be well happy with it, now give your insurance company a ring to see if you cant protect your no claims bonus incase any other issues arise....................
  7. never knew you had actually ordered one! if you havnt paid anything or shook his hand (gentlemans agreement) i dont see what the issue is, hes probally trying to pan you off with old stock !! both have alloy wheels as standard, you could alway try another dealer if you are having issues.....
  8. how can someone have 0 for appliances when they post on the internet or have they got a homing pigeon from bill gates ! 8.77 tonnes total here including pc and seeing i build wind turbines i must be be in negative carbon footprint land (only carbon i use is lovely carbon fibre mat mmmmmmmmmm)
  9. it all depends what sort of driving you do in my opinion, i drove a aygo once and for round town driving its great but i wouldnt want to drive it out on the open road as it is a bit course against the yaris,cant you go to a newer yaris maybe 1/2 years old ,much more refined car but thats just my opinion
  10. my advice would be buy the tr its got nicer alloys on it ,also depends what colour you want as zinc has free metallic paint so the decison is yours
  11. im with the angel on this one, thats why we pay for insurance and always try to get your no claims protected aswell as this can save you any big hikes in any claims that you might have to make.
  12. t-sport will always want to be turned on ............................ :!Removed!:
  13. they normally have to blend colour in all the way along car otherwise if they only painted the doors they might stick out like a polo harlequin as the shade might be slightly different and 2 years might still have faded slightly, also new paint always looks darker when first sprayed onto car, so blending is better than direct lines.thunder grey is a hard colour to match aswell believe me i had one
  14. apologies from the isle of wight, didnt know about new tr yaris :!Removed!:
  15. im lost with this tr business are you outside uk? only tr that comes to mind is a AURIS