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  1. I have some sony 6x9's that some one gave me anyone wana swap them for some door speakers? think there 300w email me as i dont come one here much no more hardc0re_obie@hotmail.com
  2. cheers for this finally sold my mitsu colt think im going to have to return to the CREW :D only thing is silly me went and got band from drivin didnt i :censor: not good get it back on jan 30 cant **** wait
  3. Paseo insurance group? all types plaese
  4. any one know where i can pick one up from quite cheap bout a 1.5?
  5. it dose not look the same as that silver one on that site whats it called
  6. what kit is that in the photo above and where can i get it
  7. pics would be good of the whole car and where the head unit gose cause i have a double din and i need to know if its goin to fit
  8. Yeah mate if my sale gose through i will give you that cash. tell me a bit more bout it. engine size intireor condishion etc where you situated
  9. im looking to buy a paseo 1.5 ST/SI anyone got one for sale or knows anyone who wants to swap one for a mitsibushi colt GL 1.3 with 17" alloys sub 6x9? neva hurts to ask Cheers
  10. i have a 15" splx 800w sub with a custom made sub box tha is just the right depth for a yaris boot dub cost £50 box cost £30 goin for £65 + postage or pick up some pioneer 300w 6x9 cost £80 £50 anyone and a black grill toyota said £40 brand new some £25 + postage brownollie@hotmail.com
  11. put it all in still dont know what P.Ant is so i did not hook it up all works fine. mine was all labeled on the old uni block converter it said it on wires so i just matched up and conected pic comin soon. If some one tells me how to get them up cheers OBIE OUT
  12. got mine in the car today looks F:censor:Kin great i love well chuffed now all i need is to order the in dash dvd alpine of course the get the custom fiber glass suround made up cheers BIBBS
  13. y4ris

    Few Bits Left

    i have a couple of bits left over from my yaris standard GS springs front n back offers standard grill black offers any1 want some pionner 6x9 cost £90 330 watt max offers email me coz i only pop in to the forum now to see how you lot are gettin on brownollie@hotmail.com Peace OBIE
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