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  1. The one i'm looking at is a turbo, so gonna be higher then that, elephant will insure me but gotta wait till my renewal is up till they will quote! I was on the 10 month accellerater but i changed as some companies won't accept it as it isn't a yr.
  2. What type of MR2 do you have? I'm with elephant at the moment with my starlet turbo but they can't quote an existing customer until its renewal time!
  3. Well as the title says i'm looking into buying an MR2 gt t-bar 1994, but need to know who people are isnured through as this is the only thing holding me back. Seeing as i'm 21 with only 2yrs NCB who would you guys recommend? Cheers! Marc
  4. what size wheels you running now!? do they affect the handling much?
  5. looking good! love the exhuast ;) i see you've been on talking to the muppets! lol, trying to explain something to them is like banging your head against a brick wall!
  6. i was just gonna say exactly the same as Starletsy! thats utter crap! And why the hell would you chip and remap with those mods!? Max Power do print some rubbish!
  7. i'd have to dissagree with the escort rs turbo, the s1 version is a classic now, but yeah loads of not very tastefully modified but you get the odd one that has been left standard. i generally hate corsa's!! And totally agree with Steve, BMW drives are complete :censor: who look down on every other car thinking there better! marc
  8. starlet gt turbo 1991 gun metal grey (i think thats the colour!?) powerflow exhuast ( :censor: rubbish!! looks ok from the back but powerflow do bodge jobs!) green cotten air filter RX-7 TMIC, bailey evo dump valve magnercor leads and nkg platnium plugs rising rate fuel regulator lowered, soon to have a full set of GAB coilovers 15" oz superleggeras, 3G grooved front brakes, braided lines all round window tints (soon to be removed thanks to the very nice essex police ) and thats about it marc
  9. Ring Kev at 3G on 01255 880031 very helpful and the disc's are superb! i have 10 groove discs on mine with braided hose's and uprated pads. i think the disc's were about £130ish? marc
  10. looks superb! its looks a little like a mitsubishi starion marc
  11. try they will make you any carbon parts for your car you want! they make parts for lotus etc. They do a nice carbon/kevler bonnet and there work looks the nuts! marc
  12. i'd be careful tinting the front side windows as i got pulled over last nite and fined £30, could have been £60 and 3 points but i sucked up big time! lol Bit annoying cos i've had them done ages! oh yeah, defo get a pro to do it! will look miles better and less stressful! marc
  13. well my names Marc Read and i drive a starlet GT, and funnily enough thats why my names marcgt :hokus-pokus: I live in a little village called Marks Tey, about 10 miles from Colchester (britains oldest recorded town ;) ) I'm 20, soon to be 21, bugging my girlfriend already for some nice goodies for my car!! My girlfriends also 20 and goes to university, thinks she's clever!! haha!! And i'm an Assistant Quantity Surveyor, done 4 yrs training, now got another 3 yrs! oh well the company pays for everything and i get a nice shiney degree afterwards! lol Hopefully be modding my little GT a bit more in the future and get down the pod!! Probably see alot of you guys at JAE, should be camping with the missus! Marc
  14. i wouldn't recommend powerflow there so called 'stainless steel' is more like mild steel! mines rusty after less then a yr! check out a company called ascar there not meant 2 be to bad!? marc
  15. You help someone count things? mostly bricks :P i think thats the only thing ppl think we do