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  1. he has bonnet and skirts he is ordering doors, front wings and a tailgate!!
  2. these can be got my mate has boot lid and i bonnet for his car he was talking about side skirts i ll try and find outa bit more on that
  3. mate if ur looking a little extra power put the jdm spec manifold onto ur car. its the funny shaped one!!
  4. mate you gotta take into concideration of the road surface if its greasy or dusty??roads are like that over here a lot! also your tyres come into it aswell how worn or quality they are (not saying your tyres are rubbish or that). i found that out when i put better brakes in my starlet! then just be a little easier on the pedal to prevent it locking up!
  5. get your cams down to Piper to get reprofiled! get your head ported and polished. good air filter and exhaust system! mayb a 4branch aswell(cant remember where i seen them)i know ther is one for the Paseo made in the States! mayb a set of throttle bodies! good set of brakes (DOT 5.1brake fluid) and good tyres turbo would be cheaper andmore fun!
  6. mate ive the ep91 shape some photo's in the meets section of jap-heaven,though i ve jus seen a few photo's of urs lookss very clean!!
  7. mate is that the one that was at the Drift championships?? i think there is a photo or two on jap-heaven!! one nice lookin car mate!!!!
  8. lads there may be a jap-heaven meet before the end of the year somewhere in the south. its gonna be organised soon mayb november time! i ll keep u all posted! if u want to meet up at that! regards gerard
  9. lads just a wee question are paseo's imports?? and have they a speed limiter on them? cause i was on the rollers on sat past and max speed was 121mph and top rpm was 4168. i also got 213Nm of torque @2913rpm and 98KM(72KW) @3637rpm some have told me that the peak power should be higher 5500rpm+ any1 else had a paseo on the Rollin Road gerard
  10. Mate something that u could do is check out www.toyota-irl.com or www.toyotaownersclub.com and the next time they are having a meet go along wif them!! cause there will be lots of GT's, glanza's and toyota cars there! some of who may be on here!! just means there will be a big crowd and u ll get to meet more people!! but then we could go and meet up at Donegal for the rally in Coupe Heaven!!! regards gerard p.s. jus a suggestion!
  11. hi mate jus got my computer back online again! yeah i would be interested in a meet some time, voted for belfast as its only 45mins away from me. ive seen a few other irish members on here though not that often. i could get a few starlets celica's and supra interested for the meet let me know wat if ur gonna plan a meet and i ll spread the word about!!! regards gerard