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  1. Tyre and exhaust dealers were notorius for trying to ramp up work but a main dealer will/should base their replacement criteria on the mileage the vehicle will be expected to travel before they see it again so I can`t see a problem if you explain that if replacement is necessery you`d like to do the work yourself and they would amend the service history accordingly. Found something that says the fronts are 26mm with a 2mm wear limit & the rears are 10mm with 1.5mm wear limit. Time to take the wheels off & get the micrometer out
  2. Yep, you will find that you set the level when the lights are off and then set it again when the lights are on & it will remember the setting for each. Personally I find the dimmed setting a bit too dim at night so I have them both set at max I think. Not ideal, but that's the way it is.
  3. Don`t you have much trust in your garage Iain ? :) Last main dealer that told me I needed to change my discs & pads urgently was wrong by , oh a mere 32,000 miles :rolleyes::) (Not a Toyota dealer though). I've had two other instances of similar including a well known tyre shop who tried to tell me they weren't going to allow me to take my car until I'd paid them to change the front pads :censor: :censor: (which had about 5mm left on them, I usually change them at somewhere between 2 & 4mm) Its also one of those jobs I'm happy to DIY & you can do so whilst still mainting a fully stamped service book
  4. Does anyone happen to know the new & minimum thickness of the brake discs on a 2006 2.2 D4D verso? Mine's due in for a service soon & I'd like to measure them & know how much life is left in the brakes before I send it in. On which subject has anyone ever experimented with different brake pads & managed to improve the braking performance on a Verso? In comparison to my last VW & my current BMW, the Verso's brakes seem to be made of soft cheese!
  5. IainM

    Towbar Height

    I had the same problem with my detachable Westfalia - and they didn't want to know about it being too high either. The fact is that it is inside the allowable range despite the fact that it practically had the back end of my Erde trailer dragging on the ground! (slight exageration but you get the picture!) My solution was to get a piece of box section steel to add to the drawbar of my trailer so as to raise up the tow hitch. Had to add 60mm to it to make the trailer sit more or less level. Once we did that it tows pretty well at speed with a load on.
  6. IainM

    Towbar Advice

    I have a Westfalia detachable towbar on my 2006/56 Verso. it required a very small bumper cut at the bottom edge (i.e. no socking great hole through the middle). The cut is only maybe 1" x 2.5" at most. I fitted it myself, it was very easy to cut with a small hacksaw & then I finished it off with a small sanding drum on a dremel. The bumper is pretty soft plastic, its not brittle at all. I fitted mine a couple of years ago but I recall there were no detachable towbars made to fit the Verso that didn't need a bumper cut. The towbar is fine except that the ball height comes in at the very top end of the range in terms of height. I had to get a piece added to the drawbar of my trailer to raise the tow hitch up so that the trailer was level. Once level the thing tows very well. I've towed a trailer full of camping gear with 4 bikes on top of it at sensible speeds across France twice now. If you tow a lot of weight (400+kg) the Verso's brakes are a bit suspect if you have to stop suddenly though..... Tow ball height shouldn't be an issue with a bike carrier obviously.
  7. IainM

    Egr Valve

    Its a good place to start & you can DIY. Ask the dealer to do it & you're going to get a £75+ bill. Try not to drop too much of the cack down into the manifold though - just go slowly and scoop it out. Don't over tighten the bolts when you put it back together.
  8. What grade of oil have you topped it up with & are you seeing excessive oil consumption? Use nothing other than 5W30. There are known issues with oil consumption on the Diesels & Toyota will get involved if its using more than it should. Have you noticed any increase in fuel consumption? Has the EGR valve been checked/cleaned out? Oh and don't use supermarket diesel. Use good quality fuel, preferably Shell or BP.
  9. IainM

    Egr Valve

    Here you go: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97232&view=findpost&p=906588 Easy but mucky job, needs a can of carb cleaner, a box of latex gloves , loads of paper towls & an old toothbrush! (Be careful with the gaskets when you take it off).
  10. +1 - Winter tyres are what you want. These are not just for Snow - they start working better than normal tyres below about 7 deg C. Something like some Vredestein Snowtracs. Get them put on a standard set of steel rims or a cheap set of alloys off ebay Alternatively buy a package from this lot : http://www.mytyres.co.uk/Steel_wheels.html
  11. I don't know how difficult it is to get to the waterpump on a Verso but firstly it can be cheaper just to replace the pump than to have the old one rebuilt and secondly I would definitly avoid putting anything like rad-weld etc in the cooling system, not a good idea at all. I would also get it sorted though because the next step is the seal will give way and when it does it'll drop a lot of coolant pretty quickly - probably when you have the engine under load and when its least convenient , like climbing a hill in the middle of nowhere at two o'clock in the morning!!
  12. Any use? http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/install/toyota/corolla-verso-04.html
  13. I've got the air vent one that goes just to the left of the steering wheel. Its in the best place IMO but it keeps coming loose a bit on one side - need to fix that.
  14. Don't know the specifics of how the verso calipers work but when I replace pads & need to move the pistons back I always attach a bleed hose & open the bleed nipple to let the fluid out there rather than pushing it back through & up into the reservoir (and risk that overflowing)
  15. Just a note to my regular/closest/local dealer: My car is going to another dealer for its 30K/4 year service on Friday. This is because when I ring you up to ask about the price of a service I do not subsequently expect to find that what you tell me needs to cost £400 actually is done for £300 by at least two other dealers Furthermore I do not expect to find that part of what you want me to pay to have done isn't even scheduled to be done until either 40K miles or 6 years and that therefore what I need to get done now actually will cost just £240. Lastly, I am not interested in you "price matching". I expect that in return for me being a loyal/regular customer that when I ring you up to ask for a service price I get given a competitive and correct price and that you don't waste my time (or yours) by, for want of a better term, trying to rob me of over £100. :censor: I shouldn't be surprised I suppose - the same dealer offered me a trade in of about £7.5K against my last Verso. Traded it at another dealer for nearer £10K. B) It pays to make some calls. That is all, rant over. (I feel better now :) )
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