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  1. lets dig up an old topic, can this engine be intercooled? reason i ask is ive the same engine in my hiace and i want it to go quicker!
  2. not alot rich, work aint that easy to come by here either, just chilling for abit, my man cave at home is coming along quite nicely these days ive got a mini spray booth too which is handy for wings and odds and sods,
  3. Hello Rich! hows it going? i think ill have to come along to a TOC meet at some point to catch up with all the old faces, you still got the sera? Lee
  4. Hi steve! Hi Hou! yeah fully recovered now well enough to have owned a cbr600 rr4, rebulit a vespa and been skiing the last 2 years! also got meself a 2 post ramp installed at hom which makes for good fun under the car!
  5. Alright Les and Anne how the devil are you? !Removed! wonderful thanks Get yourself to the Christmas do and catch up with a few of us ;) I'd love to mate but im not coming home till the 29th December, is it at the Millers again? just incase i am home earlier?
  6. I like eating peanuts!

  7. Alright Les and Anne how the devil are you?
  8. hi all well i know a yaris like the back of my hand but i cant seem to locate a fuse labelled power windows anywhere but ive only found 2 fuse boxes, if anyone could help me locate the one for the windows id be most grateful, ive just bought a cheap st185 whilst in new zealand to do abit of travelling but both windows stopped working one day, ive checked the connecions but have no tools here to check for power and i think its just gonna be a fuse so not buying any yet, ill post some pics up later of before and afters many thanks Lee
  9. Hello to everybody im a past avid TOC member, well ive returned due whilst travelling in New Zealand ive picked up a gen5 celica and would like a little advise on things, (dont worry all posts to be kept in the right places) But how is verybody keeping over here? Cheers Lee B)
  10. stop being so tight and check its working by putting 20 quid in
  11. yes matty iridiums suck, even betta get LED's (also congrats on getin some HID's)
  12. ive never had a problem getin em out its findin the hole after is the problem!
  13. i reckon theyd look good in black on red
  14. cant see this vid but is it blue? hes the guy who bought a yaris after me and has tried to steal my yaris boy title! well mines still faster and earpls stil flames cooler PS the zorst o that blue one is my old hks crazy loud system,
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