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  1. Maybe a letter to head office to see what they say...
  2. Medion

    Has To Be Done!

    I would if I could! :)
  3. Medion


    Fuji A405 = Good Camera...
  4. Ours wasn’t too bad for a wet cold November morning. Wait till the summer! Mega photo opportunity :D
  5. Medion

    Dull Cockpit

    It is so you don’t get glare when it is dark, the display can be too bright at night hence the display going dim when you put your lights on. When I put my lights on before its dark I tend to press the button to make the display the day time brightness. I believe this is a default setting, just press the display button till your happy with the brightness. :D
  6. Medion


    Now for the technical bit! Yaris overall length: 3640mm (T-Sport 3660 due to bumpers) Axel length i.e. wheel to wheel from the centre: 2370mm Width: 1660mm So yes, the exhaust will fit. As stated earlier, the doors are smaller on the 5 door.