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  1. These are really good prices I know the maker of these eyelids and i can tell you he does not make a lot on these!. I can do a groupbuy and match his price GBP22 shipped. Any interest?
  2. SOLD ALL the PRE-GROUP BUY SPOILERS! So ... now starting with the Group Buy. Who is interested? Pleas reply in this thread or PM me.
  3. Any one interested in a possible Group Buy for this Veilside style rear spoiler? Last year Jaxx helped me to organized a GB and we used his car to testfit the spoiler. i currently have 2 spoilers available which i can sell at a special lower-than-GB-price. If more people are interested, I will organize a GB with someone based in the UK (any volunteers :D ) and then ship to that person/ company. Lower-than-GB-price: GBP55 shipped from Hong Kong by air. Available Qty: 2 Payment method: Paypal Expected delivery time: 2 weeks Expected GB price: GBP65 - 75 shipped from UK Available Qty: 5 - 10? Expected delivery time: 4 - 6 weeks after GB confirmation
  4. Does anyone know what this grille is? i only know it will fit the Yaris/Vitz phase1 .
  5. Some members have been asking me to come up with a GB for stainless steel brake lines. I finally found a good source that can deliver good quality ones for a decent price. I am hoping for a GB price of approx. GBP45 shipped, but I may need to get an indication of how many takers. Price will be for 4 lines and will fit the Yaris 1.5 T-Sport. Please provide some feedback
  6. Are there many Yaris cars in Beijing? Do a lot of Yaris owners in China like to modify their cars? Or do these stay stock?
  7. I need to know how many of you are interested in getting coilovers for GBP450 a set? These will be height adjustable of coz ... I need at least 5 people before I can have these made. The build quality will be exceptional, on the same level as Tein or HKS, but these are made by a specialized coilover factory
  8. If several more of you want a CF hood, we could ask Envy to do a GB
  9. I do not have any more details yet. I need to find out if it is feasible before I can come with more details.
  10. I am not quite sure if it will have the EDFC, but stiffness control can be an option, i just need to see how many people will be interested
  11. if i were to offer Yaris coilovers for approx. GBP450, how many people would be interested? :P
  12. Yes, let us know how these coilovers are ... btw which Tein did you get?
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