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  1. These are really good prices I know the maker of these eyelids and i can tell you he does not make a lot on these!. I can do a groupbuy and match his price GBP22 shipped. Any interest?
  2. SOLD ALL the PRE-GROUP BUY SPOILERS! So ... now starting with the Group Buy. Who is interested? Pleas reply in this thread or PM me.
  3. Any one interested in a possible Group Buy for this Veilside style rear spoiler? Last year Jaxx helped me to organized a GB and we used his car to testfit the spoiler. i currently have 2 spoilers available which i can sell at a special lower-than-GB-price. If more people are interested, I will organize a GB with someone based in the UK (any volunteers :D ) and then ship to that person/ company. Lower-than-GB-price: GBP55 shipped from Hong Kong by air. Available Qty: 2 Payment method: Paypal Expected delivery time: 2 weeks Expected GB price: GBP65 - 75 shipped from UK Available Qty: 5 - 10? Expected delivery time: 4 - 6 weeks after GB confirmation
  4. Does anyone know what this grille is? i only know it will fit the Yaris/Vitz phase1 .
  5. Some members have been asking me to come up with a GB for stainless steel brake lines. I finally found a good source that can deliver good quality ones for a decent price. I am hoping for a GB price of approx. GBP45 shipped, but I may need to get an indication of how many takers. Price will be for 4 lines and will fit the Yaris 1.5 T-Sport. Please provide some feedback
  6. Are there many Yaris cars in Beijing? Do a lot of Yaris owners in China like to modify their cars? Or do these stay stock?
  7. I need to know how many of you are interested in getting coilovers for GBP450 a set? These will be height adjustable of coz ... I need at least 5 people before I can have these made. The build quality will be exceptional, on the same level as Tein or HKS, but these are made by a specialized coilover factory
  8. If several more of you want a CF hood, we could ask Envy to do a GB
  9. I do not have any more details yet. I need to find out if it is feasible before I can come with more details.
  10. I am not quite sure if it will have the EDFC, but stiffness control can be an option, i just need to see how many people will be interested
  11. if i were to offer Yaris coilovers for approx. GBP450, how many people would be interested? :P
  12. Yes, let us know how these coilovers are ... btw which Tein did you get?
  13. if price is not the only issue, what coilover set would you go for? HKS C-Wagon? Tein SS?
  14. Has anyone experience with coilovers? What brand? Were these expensive?
  15. post a pic of your current caliper ...I may be able to find something
  16. These are fast cars, but the design is considered not as successful as the Altezza. It has a very UGLY interior
  17. In Japan there are two versions, the N/A Supra got the 2-pot caliper and the Twin Turbo got the 4-pot. Most officially exported Supras got the 4-pot.
  18. Post a pic of your Supra caliper ... I know how from the looks if it is the 4-pot or 2-pot caliper. I have sold many of these ...
  19. I think that the production stop is for worldwide. The US is their biggest market. Also in Japan the competition is too strong, most competitors offer at least V6 engines and are all rated over 200+hp. Price/performance of the MR2/MRS and Celica is not good, only a little cheaper than for instance the Nissan 350Z, but performance level is way lower.
  20. Most big brake kits were initially developed for bigger cars, but then modified for the Yaris. Therefore, these calipers may be a little wide, and bigger rims are needed to clear.
  21. Just talked to the seller and he confirmed that this kit will fit most 15" or higher rims The calipers are excellent quality and very light.
  22. The kit on ebay is an excellent kit. It will need 16" to clear. Not sure though If you can add spacers and then install these with 15" wheels. The brake science is straightforward... the bigger the rotors ... the higher the stopping power. The bigger the brake pads ... the high the stopping power ... so often you need bigger calipers. Also, a lot of people go for the big brakes for the bling - bling factor.
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