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  1. Thanks for your note. It's great to think that people are willing to be of help.
  2. I seem to remember that there was a guy who specialised in Japanese spares who was located in Watford Herts. Does anybody have a contact number? I am after new front windscreen wiper arms etc. <_<
  3. Has any body out there had the problem of water getting into the headlamp array before, and if so how the b....y hell do you get the glass off to get behind to clear the problem?. Any ideas where I can get a manual that can guide owners through maintenance problems?
  4. Does anybody know where you can buy realistically priced front windscreen wiper arms for Eminas?
  5. Hi All, Some time ago I owned a SAAB 900 Turbo and was luckty enough to have a perspex wind deflector for the sunshine roof. Does anybody know if there is one for the front sunshine roof on an Emina? Please reply via this site as I can't hear.
  6. I find it quite amazing the conflicting information one receives when talking to Toyota UK and the Import people who specialise in Toyotas. Perhaps it's a case of couldn't care less/be bothered. I have been trying to get an English CD-Rom for my Toyota OEM system. "No Cant Get Em. Don't Work in England" etc etc, yet a short while ago one was sold on ebay for around £60.00. Is there anybody who can let me have any info on where I can get hold of a disk? If there is anybody who wants the Japanese version, I have one. Absolutely ideal for the UK (not likely).
  7. Sorry cant help on the Euro disk I'm looking for a UK version. Do you fancy loaning it to me so as I can copy it for a fee? Flyfisherman.
  8. Hey Let me know how you get on. I have been looking for CD Rom for my Toyota OEM unit for ages and wondered where to get the software to install. Flyfisherman.
  9. Frustrating aint it. Try checking all your lamps it may be that one of them is not working particularly the number plate lights. Good Luck
  10. Would the kind guy who lives in France who offered to send via computer a copy of the Sat Nav Instructions to Flyfisherman please get in contact again. I have stupidly lost your details. Many thanks. Flyfisherman
  11. I want a UK one if you can help it would be much appreciated
  12. Have any of you guys got an English CD-Rom for the Sat Nav incorporated in the Toyota Orginal Car Audio Unit 36004/KNT-5180 or, does anybody know where I can get one?
  13. Hi, Has anybody got a copy of the English CD-Rom that works with the Toyota original equipment unit KNT5180. The one I have is in Japanese and from Aisin AW CO LTD/Zerin CO.Ltd?
  14. Hi. Check your lights. I think you will find it's an indicator for a failed lamp. Dealer PDIs are what they used to be. Enjoy a great vehicle. Flyfisherman Hertfordshire