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  1. Dug up an old post, anyone wanna try it again. hehe :P
  2. wait......... i thought LSi's were a 1.5? Liar!! he he and that's a group 10 or 12....
  3. Yeah but having over 100bhp on a 1.3 non turbo is good enough for me. even though the glanza s is fricking RARE!!
  4. No point in arguing with them as they have no other option but to stop you advertising something they don't want on their site. I'm sure all the starlet sites will do well in time.
  5. Well me dears, do you really wanna be banned? just leave erm to it and to do their job.
  6. Lol, hey i gathered the post was deleted then with all the complaining
  7. Was passing by so thought i'd drop in, oooo i like erm dc2 integra's
  8. yep i might be down there, if u see me u see me, if you don't then you don't :P
  9. I think it's just the bumper that is SO big it's touching the floor all the time, hehe. Wow is that ur rear bumper then? it looks like u got mudflaps on them. I haven't really seen other glanza's with mudflaps before, mainly on the normal Ep91 uk spec ones.
  10. supra looks good, looks more class than the pulse.
  11. wow i like the rear bumper, have u got mudflaps or something on it? Those pics werent that clear as i couldnt really see how low it was, but looking at ur car, i think it's the whole kit you have on the car, the front splitter looks really big so that makes it nice a low looking.
  12. Lee Ryan? Everyone seems to be mad about him (or rather used to be :P) ← Nah i thought it was Duncan? as Duncan has the dark hair.
  13. Alright all u new members, lets have some fun with some photos.
  14. lol, i was looking through that the other day, i think some new members should start posting up their faces on here.
  15. They were about 740 i think, i ain't too sure mate. Check they out on www.d2racingsport.co.uk
  16. Ooooooo those new rims looks lush!! Those caliper looks nicely painted
  17. Got any nice pictures mate? i would love to see the low ride height on it before you take it out. Erm... maybe investing in a set of coilovers might do well mate.
  18. Get real bro! He ain't having red caliper's on a BMW 530i sport!! That just looks tack man.
  19. Problem is i have red lug nuts light weight ones as i got them before my caliper paint. But i have seen some that caught my eye, but they are really pricey. Purple everywhere hehehe.
  20. agreed...... B U T!! Yes there is a but to it...... seen in either jap performance or banzai, a black FTO has purchased D2's and he has painted his calipers that color also his engine bay too.
  21. u took all ur stickers off, must of taken u ages.
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