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  1. yts

    T Sport Stuff For Sale!

    thanks for your interest but the only things i could salvage of me car are the wheels, cd player and the springs that came with the car cos i had it lowered when i 1st got it. apart from that they took the car from me and its bin auctioned off i think.
  2. As some of you might know i have recently written off my T Sport but i have some things from the car that i will be selling. 1. 4 T Sport 6 spoke alloys, 2 need refurbing and 2 new tyres.......£offers 2. Standard T Sport CD Player bulit into dash.........£offers 3. T Sport lowering springs (lower by 20mm).......£offers some more stuff which ill have to post another time. pls reply or email me at all offers will be considered. Thanks
  3. i think that when buying a sub audiobahn is the way to go! i got a 10" audiobahn high excursion sub with 600w rms, an alpine amp(700w) and 10" box for just less than 300 pounds off mcs-direct. that system sounds really good in a little car like a yaris and id recommend it 2 anyone. if u want bass that will shake the car the audiobahn sub will do that quite easily for you mate.
  4. yts

    Pink Yaris

    what r the differences between that pink yaris n a t sport cos i think it looks wicked. Has it got more of a bodykit on or has it just been lowered loads??
  5. my dad used to av a 106 rallye its a really fun little car!! id recomend that to anyone
  6. i agree with u and think that the office is absolutely hilarious!! u watch the 1st part of the christmas special the other day??
  7. hi i bought 2 audiobahn 10" subs the other day for my car and was wondering if n e one knows of an amp that would suit these well but isnt too expensive. the subs are 300w rms each and so i was thinking of a 600w alpine amp or something. has anyone got any other ideas?? thanks
  8. 02 reg Yaris T Sport Chilli Red