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  1. And Marc, thit you bought the 2 doors??????
  2. https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/onderdeel/merk/toyota/model/yaris/modelcode/1368-yaris-(p1)/onderdeel/deur-4deurs-links-voor/onderdeelid/14763513/ apparently both left doors are still for sale.
  3. picture please i have a 2021 yaris
  4. i like the HUD cause there's a revcounter in it
  5. My launch edition has both adjustable seats in the FRONT
  6. I'am from the Netherlands and olso in the Netherlands we have the little compressor for a flat tyre🙄 Thats not the way i want to travel FAR, thats why i bought a spare wheel Offset is 45
  7. I bought a Lexus CT200 sparewheel 125-70-/17 ( its 5x100 ) and a complete jack from a prius and it all fits fine only you can't use the Towhook from the Prius. It was al second hand and it cost me all together € 90
  8. heat up the engine so the thermostat is OPEN ( heather on COLD) There's a crane on the undersite of the radiator ( normaly white) open it with the radiatorcap of ( put a big cloth over the radiatorcap before opening when HOT else you get burned) than take the hose of at the underside of the radiator so the coolant can drain in a bucket. Normaly i start the car when theres no coolant coming out of the hose for a few seconds, than close everything radiator crane, hose and fill up the radiator. Then let the motor run with out the radiatorcap on the radiator so air can bubble out.
  9. Drive to your T Dealer and let them check it for you.
  10. check it with a COLD start afther Oil check, when it rattels shortly its fine when it rattels over 5 sec. its a no go
  11. kijk hier eens http://www.corollaforum.nl/index.php?sid=7eac0131520d62cf91163eb43ed3566e en schrijf Robbie F eens aan dat is een Toyota monteur of dit ? https://www.car.nl/nl/ecu-motorcomputer-yaris-p9-09-11-1-3-vvt-i-benzine-mmt-bak/a7951 suc6
  12. disconnect the battery for a few minutes and try again
  13. https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/onderdeel/merk/toyota/model/yaris/modelcode/1926-yaris-ii-(p9)/onderdeel/katalysator/onderdeelid/9971072/ https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/onderdeel/merk/toyota/model/yaris/modelcode/1926-yaris-ii-(p9)/onderdeel/katalysator/onderdeelid/3868446/
  14. I bought one and its being deliverd 2-01-2021😁
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