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  1. 👍 good luck enjoy your Yaris
  2. it takes about 10km before the engine is on his working temp. (coolant & Oil). The oil takes longer to come at its workingtemperature But check your Coolantreservoir
  3. http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33750
  4. under the gearstick you can ajust the cables, i thit this a while a go for a drined with a yaris 1.3 from 2010 afther that it was just fine
  5. here's a lot of told over de Cruisecontrole DIY http://www.yarisworld.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=65
  6. G6-R

    turn off radio

    its a PUSH button than in the screen it say's Audio Off look at the yellow circle thas the PUSH button
  7. G6-R

    turn off radio

    Press the button than its out
  8. or the seal from the roof antenna maybe
  9. https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/onderdeel/motorcode/1ndtv/onderdeel/motor/onderdeelid/1168358/ this one has only done 51km as good as NEW including the TURBO
  10. https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/onderdeel/motorcode/1ndtv/onderdeel/motor/onderdeelid/5714997/ https://www.onderdelenlijn.nl/auto-onderdelen-voorraad/magazijn/motorcode/1ndtv/onderdeel/motor/
  11. First cilnder is the one on the distribution side , the fourth one is the nearest at the gearbox side
  12. Take the hose on the underside of from the radiator, When nothing is coming out start the engine and run it for half a minute or so. Than put the hose back on the radiator and fit the clamp back. Then fill it up with pink coolant ( probably you need about 4 litres). Let the engine run and when its topped up put the radiatorcap back. Put the Fan on to hot air coming out of the vents Fill the resevoir with new coolant. Put a big CLOTH over the HOT radiatorcap and unscrew it slowly until you hear no sissing from it. Than led the engine run for a few minutes so that all the airbubbles come out. Feel of BOTH hoses to the radiator are HOT ( when there both hot the thermostat is OPEN ) The next morning with a cold engine check your reservoir and fill it up with new coolant to the MAX level.👍
  13. don't forgett the GPS antenna and its simple to install
  14. look at here what they all do at Toyota when the car is 6 years old. ( its in Dutch ) onderhoud Yaris 2013.pdf