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  1. G6-R

    Leather cleaning

    this what i used last thursday on my seats From Dunlop
  2. look here at my name is with some pics http://www.c1oc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1311&start=150
  3. G6-R

    Aygo seats

    i don,t no but you could always cut the wires and solder the cabels together with the old connectors
  4. G6-R

    Aygo seats

    seats will fit doorcards not
  5. this is on my wife's Aygo ,ts from ULTER
  6. hopefuly the second hand tank wasn,t from a DIESEL ??????? or thit your daughter put diesel in it??? cause she had trouble filling it ???
  7. i replaced several brakepads and discs on aygoy's and C1 always with afthermarked parts https://www.ebay.de/itm/BREMSSCHEIBEN-247mm-BREMSBELAGE-VORDERACHSE-BREMSE-KOMPLETT-VORNE-/310793795993?pt=DE_Autoteile&fits=Make%3ACitroën|Model%3AC1&hash=item485cc0f999
  8. I think my sons girlfriend has the highest mileage on her Aygo. She bought a 6 months a go. 2 months ago the cat went dead and the engine it self was using a lot of oil. I checked her car at RDW ( its overhere in Holland the same as where you guy's do your MOT) As you can see the clock is turned BACK in 2012. We presume that her Aygo offically has about 330.000km My son and I changed the complete engine, gearbox and driveshaft we bought from a 2013 Citroen C1 with 57.000 on the clock. The only thing we used from the old engine was the LOOM so it will fire up . first pic the rapport from the kilometers of her Aygo, second pic is old engine in, third pic is new complete engine on the pallet the old one out. fourth pic is the wiringloom on the new engine. fifth pic is new engine etc in. sixt pic Aygo is ready to GO Changed : 3 plugs Oil + oilfilter airfilter coolant Feulrail from another engine ( not the old engine ) cause afther the facelift the injector are squeesed. So with the injectors from the first generation the engine runs smoother
  9. the seats from the MK2 aygo are a direct fit and the driverseat is ajustable
  10. this not repairably buy a second hand from ebay or scrapyard
  11. or take the hole unit out and drill 2 or 3 little holes on the backside of the unit on the underside to ventilated more
  12. take the bulb out and put a hairdryer for the hole and switch it on when its dry put the bulb back and the rubber
  13. G6-R

    Big Miles

    Daughter in law ownes a Aygo 08 sinds last november 2017 that has 330.000km on the clock and its drinking oil and the Cat is gone now. 3 weeks back we bought a 2013 engine + gearbox complete with all ancillaries and driveshafts with 57.000km on it. we are going to build in completely we only going to use the orginal 08 engine loom. the speedometer was turned back in october 2012 it has now 196.000 km on the clock ( + whats turned back about 130.000km) last picture where ready and its running
  14. maybe its cheaper to repair with another gearbox
  15. http://www.buggyboys.be/nl/tech_tellerafwijking.htm oyeah think on the Offset of the wheel that you want to buy