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  1. hi there ok, our sliding door,... became tempermental over a year stopped opening from the outside! we always had to open passengers door, and open sliding door from inside!!!not too bad!! then the inside started playing up, you would hear the back mechanism thingy (really a woman)...and then the dorr wouldnt open!!! after a few had shoves,kicks would open again!..then each time it would lock up...i managed to get it open by pulling (quite hadr)the interior door handle, towards me, you would hear that mechanism sound again..and it would problem now is.....yesterday, i pulled it a bit too hard...and snapped the handle off..smashed it!! does anyone know, where i can get a door handle from!??? and also how i can have both interior and exetrior handles working again!?? my husband seems to think its that mechainsm thingy(that pulls the back end in) to blame!! any help/info, would be great! kind regards gina
  2. hi there just an update, i have Buffalo Bob, coming out to me on friday!! he knows the problem, and is gonna sort it! shall let you know, what the outcome is, so others that may come across this problem.......can have an idea of what it might be!! kind regards gina
  3. thanks alot hopefully a bit better news!!! regards gina
  4. hi there just been out to car! put finger into exhaust pipe, and wiped it around......just black crap...dry dusty, like soot...not wet at all! and as far as im concerned, i couldnt smell anything!??? i drove it to school, this morning...should i run it a bit, before testing again! ill check oil levels in a mo.,....i have small children, and dont want to leave them alone for 2 will have to do this in steps! run out, undo bonnet come back and check run out thanks gina
  5. Hi again thought i might mention, that there is patches of oil, on the road, where i park my car, out side my house! and ,although i said white smoke! not like the pure white (stars in your eyes) smoke we had when the head went! its a puff of whity/blue smoke, and i smell diesel/oily smell!...quite strong when reversing into a parking space! thanks again gina
  6. hi there thanks for your reply!..i hope your wrong too!! bob also changed the cam belt, then too!! i posted on that suggested forum! I have tried to contact Bob, previoulsy about a service, but he never got back to me!..seems like i'd be pestering him!! and i know, or rather knew, he was/is a very busy man! thought i'd try here, before annoying him!, with my problem! thanks again gina
  7. Hi i Have a Toyota Lucida 2.2 4x4 1996 p reg! It recently seems to have an oil leak, from somewhere(I'm a Woman)....and ocasionally sends out a puff of whiteish smoke, and gives off a smell like oil!...sometimes there is splatters of oil, up the boot door!!, any ideas what this could be???? I have noticed that it tends to smoke/smell more when manovering/reversing (ie trying to park)! it has had a new head, readaitor 2 years ago, by buffalo bob, and has just recently had oil, filter change!(2 weeks ago). any help/info would be absolutely great!! also sliding door mechanism, seems to get stuck alot!.any ideas how to get to that part! the only way we can seem to free it, is to, pull the interior handle towards you, and it releases it (doesnt open from outside at all) even when the inside is released! kind regards gina