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  1. Yes mate, that was me, but it was silver, still got it it's the wifes car......Kept meaning to pop back here for a while, just never got round to it.....but I'm back ! just need a Toyota again then I'll belong !! :D
  2. Hi you guys, ain't been on here for a whil, since I sold my MR2s in fact...on the look out for a TT Supra now......but in the meantime here's a pic of my current ride....complete with some spanking new 22"s !!!! What do you think ?
  3. Nice, what's the mileage on it ? Oh I like the Shogun Evo too ! Don't see many of them about.
  4. 14K is cheap for an NSX mate, H-J plate is it ?
  5. You're beginning to get my palms all sweaty and reaching for my wallet.........How much you 'asking' for the NSX ? seein' how the weather is miserable
  6. Now your're getting to my price range !!! :D keep going !
  7. Nippon

    Jdm E Bay Soop

    I take it that you are the owner of the Black one on ebay ?
  8. Nippon

    Jdm E Bay Soop

    I haven't got big money so it would be a pretty naff Turbo - I think a nicer n/a is the way to go. ← I'm in 2 minds wether or not to get an N/A too rather than a TT, how easy are they to get decent power gains from ?
  9. Nippon

    Jdm E Bay Soop

    Just a tad if you ask me...thats Twin Turbo money there... ← Yeah, but tatty Twin Turbo money...I wish I could find a TT for £6000 in good nick...
  10. I've seen two or three over this way in the Bronze colour, it's one of those colours that looks good in some lights or say bright sunshine, but if it's an overcast day it looks kack...and as our cloudy days far outweigh the sunny ones...I'll give it a miss
  11. Not very, white wheels on a Red car There is a Red car with white wheels for sale in Autotrader up my way this week and it looks terrible, stick to hyper silver or black chrome Black and anthracite look cool too
  12. Cheers for all that info, but still really undecided .The UK car sounds like the better option to me, but trying to find one will be a !Removed!.....as I really want a manual cos my daily driver is an auto, so it's gonna be far easier to find a manual import TT, then get a UK bonnet on it, cos I really like the bonnet vent.......maybe I should get one of each Just out of curiosity, what are the colout options of import Vs Uk cars ? The UK colours I have seen are:- White Black Silver Red Dark Blue (Storm Blue) But I Have seen all the above (different blue tho') Plus Brown Bronze Green Any others ? Not really bothered about what colour I get .....but the Bronze ones are at the bottom of my list, Black and silver top......unless I can find the electric blue metallic colour below, then that's the preferred option, think it's a late import colour, but not 100% sure
  13. Apology accepted mate! :group-cuddles: All friends now? :D Afterall we all love our cars and above all we are all toyota lovers. ← Proper Bo ! B)
  14. That's ok mate, Karma Supra was annoyed, (with justification), at the fact that you did not specify that you wanted a Mk4 Supra. That'll be like me asking you for advise on buying an MR-2 without specifying whether I wanted the earlier 1.6 tc or later models. Let's say for argument's sake that you did not start the abuse, no reason to then insult all Mk3 owners really was there? That's like me going to the MR-2 section and then saying that all MR-2 owners are cross-dressing tossers with a hairdresser's car to match. If I then got abuse, it would be my doing No need for sarcasm there really, I'm sorry but you really did bring it on yourself. You are absolutely right there, all the UK cars had the 7M- GE (non turbo) and the 7M-GTE (single turbo) engines. But look at it from another point of view, you may know this, but then others don't which is why you need to specify. I have had people ask me for a uk mk3 tt See 1st response for reply to the first part of the question. As for the insult, in all honesty it really does make YOU out to be the ubik really doesn't it? You level an insult at all mk3 owners then get narcy when they retalliate and gang up on you. Then you call us pricks cos we defend the cars we love. you're more than welcome. Peace out to you too homey!! Peace out. ← ← Ok matey, how's about a straight up sorry ?
  15. Errrr i wouldn't call 550cc injectors, steel turbos, diff cooler and larger 4 pot brakes minor differences. There is a full list of differences HERE ← So in your opinion from a buyers point of view which is the better car ? a UK or Jap spec ?
  16. Thought we'd passed this point, if you bothered to read the rest of the posts, you would have realised I am no longer an MR2 owner or indeed an owner of any Toyota model, and I said that in my opinion the standard UK Mk3 3.0 was slow, and was not referring to your 500+ BHP car. Sorry mate I didn't realise we lived in a fascist state and freedom of expression is forbidden. And were your CAPS locked on for a reason ?.....oooooh I'm scared.
  17. wow, that was almost civil :D So do UK and Imports have basically the same engine just the different turbo setup ? therefore most tuning parts would be interchangeable My note regarding the body panels is just a cautionary tale, my mate had a Jap Supra (sorry MK4) in which he had a slight altercation with a field as it was his first RWD car, it was off the road for almot 8 weeks being repaired as the garage couldn't source the Jap spec front bumper, as you know the UK model has the washer jets (horns) on, and in the end that was what he had fitted, just looked weird and he had a hard time trying to sell it as people obviously knew it had been damaged although not seriously. And it goes to show how opinions vary, I prefer the bonnet scoop ! So an import seems like a better deal, obviously service history would then be an issue, I've heard that these engines are practically bombproof so long as they have been looked after, any opinions ? Oh and those rear air scoops whistle like a bastid too when you've got the roof panels off. ;)
  18. Right then that's the niceties overwith Hi Folks, I am in the process of trying to buy a MK4 Supra it has to be a twin turbo manual and Ideally a Uk car but as these are in short demand I would consider an import.I would prefer a UK car due to the fact that it has all of the toys, nice full leather interior as opposed to the more common half leather jap imports, but more importantly has the 326 bhp, the bonnet vent and is easier to insure, also parts and body panels are more readily available. I would like to hear from owners of MK4 Supra's UK and Jap owners respectively and give me some pro's and con's of ownership. Oh and yeah, the white kit is minging, but then again so is the black one, if you actually clicked any of the links in my sig then you would have seen that both of my MR2s were totally standard.
  19. Yeah what ever. Ok, I was a little ****** last night when I posted the last reply, so apologies if any offence was caused, but I didn't start the abuse. I will be sure to properly ask for information and check all off my punctuation before posting any more questions. Just one thing, I know that Mk3 supra's were sold with Twin Turbos, but weren't ALL genuine UK mk3s 3.0i and 3.0i single turbo models ? with the exception of the odd personally imported models. And yes you are all apparently Supra experts that is why I was asking for info regarding the car but all I seem to get were clever remarks, maybe I'll get another MR2 instead, their owners don't seem to be such pricks ! Maybe I'll just try MKIV.com Peace out.
  20. Nope, auto was an option which cost a bit more. However approx 2/3rds of UK specs sold were autos. Not too hard. But there is more to beating another car than BHP, the driver for starters ! Mind you if you only want to keep up with them, invest in a tow rope :D ← Cheers mate, sensible reply at last.....and I don't care how good a driver you are, my mates RS4 is R----------A-------------P--------------I---------------------D ----->
  21. Moderators, please feel free to delete this if you like, but I have been a member here for some time and feel justified in this answer. I hate clever b*stards ! Do you feel all powerful using LARGE fonts ? If I wanted a chaved up Supra I would really buy a Jap import wouldn't I ? because they all come into this country tarted up to the nines in cheap replica kits, and I realise that there is a mark 3 Supra but I testdrove one back in 1990 as I was considering buying one then, but realised that they were slow, ugly and overpriced and driven by men with inferiority complexes.Also being the expert that you seem to think that you are you should have realised that by saying a "UK twin turbo model" I could only be referring to a MK4. I am 32 years old and not as your opinion seems to suggest some '!Removed!' who has just sold his first Nova and fancies something big,fast and Jap after watching The Fast and The Furious......I have probably owned more cars than you can name. So why don't you try and give some helpful info before slagging people off . However the Mk 4 is a different beast, and the fact that I specifically asked for info regarding the UK model should prove that I would prefer a unmolested example.Wind your neck in please as you have a MK3 what makes you qualified to even answer this post ? Thanks
  22. arrrghhhhhh How much do I want this car been looking for a UK car for ages? !!! but just bought the missus an Alfa GTV. Might be able to scrape enough loose change together, where are you and what's the absolute bottom price for cash ? Think you are about 30 miles from me....so not bad PM Me
  23. Hi Folks, I am in the process of trying to buy a Supra it has to be a twin turbo manual and Ideally a Uk car but as these are in short demand I would consider an import.A couple of things I would like to know are :- 1/ I was under the impression that ALL UK Supras were 6 speed manuals .Is this not the case. 2/ I want it to keep up with my mates Audi RS4 and Superchipped Renault Clio V6 both putting out 475bhp and 345bhp respectively, how easy would it be to achieve 500bhp on a useable daily basis on both a UK and Jap model ? Cheers
  24. Carrera 4S ...pah tarts car....what about this clicky for similar money !!!! Oh aye
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