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  1. i wouldnt buy anything non japanese but nowadays its dodgy, you have to work hard to find out where the jap car your buying actually comes from. i still think that toyotas with th "made in japan" sticker are the best motors on the road perhaps a bit dull recently. drove a cts compressor last week, not a very involving drive, fast enogh though, but not very special. and the dealer couldnt tell me **** about it.
  2. it will run forever but in my oppinion not one of toyotas best designs. never gonna look too good. great runabout though with a bombproof engine.
  3. ive got a t50. 100+ postage. as far as i know its in good nick.
  4. 18rg is the 2 litre 8 valve twincam 145 ish bhp standard out of the rwd celicas. not sure what ill put the 86 up for.its an 1985 uk car. but its got the skirts/bumpers,lip+spoiler. its a really nice one, best ive seen in real life. its got sd cage dampers and springs all round, mint black/grey interior i went miles to get, took a whole day to drive there and back to get it!, all white. ashley exhuast with 3.5 inch stainless pipe welded on the back. central locking fitted good alarm with remote locking. bespoke induction piping with hks filter.14" enkei gold rims with a polished lip yoko a539 on front and nankang crap on back. its done 106,000. wot du rekon its worth? hard to say nowadays. really dont want to sell it but im only 21 and cant afford to insure 2 motors.
  5. ive got a kp61. got an 18rg waitin to go in it. need to sell my ae86 soon then buy an mr2 turbo and then ill start building the starlet, still need a good lsd live axle for it, not sure what yet, i was thinking of off road axles as they are strong and low geared, not sure about the weight though. needs to be wide enough to sit nice on a starlet with mk2 works escort arches and must have lsd!!! disc brakes ideally too.
  6. the guy selling it reckons the jap spec vvtis are 340 bhp!!!! theyre like 280- 300 just a bit more torque than the non vvti arnt they?
  7. seen a mkiv supra tt auto import 02 plate. yes 2002, 34,000. met silver, cloth interior, goergous bbs rims, standard other than that. how much is this car worth?
  8. in an ae86 theyre easy to get to, theyre the same in loads of toyotas so you can get one out of a breaker mk1mr2 or something.
  9. i have all parts of a blue interior from my ae86 i could sell you, the drivers seat is tatty and the rear cards were cut for a cage by the guy who owned it before me.
  10. i think aw11 mr2 and ae82 rollas use same rear calipers as 86 pretty sure, anyone confirm?. theres always loads of them being broken. you must be able to find one near you. try find it and ebay.
  11. how much does putting a turbo on a 7afe end up costing? what are all the parts supplied? what power gain do you expect? i was thinking of building a 7age(7afe bottom end, 4age top end) with a turbo for my rwd corolla but read and heard the 7a bottom end is weak, especially flywheel bolts and the mains are only good to 7500? anyone know different cos it seems like a cheap way to make decent power.
  12. dont keep it original, change everything, make it fast, ill respect it.
  13. you mean ae86? if so fensport will have one, i got a rear brake light from them for 15 i think. www.fensport.co.uk
  14. sick, need to be tought a painful lesson. i think some sort of racial relations director ****** must of had his hand in that one. thats not a racist comment before anyone has a go. theres no differentiation between women and men in it either! women being punched full on in the head, not on!
  15. thats pretty clean. my friend is currently selling his mk1 30,000, mile, from new! he wants offers over £3000. it is showroom. the best i have ever seen by a long way. it was his grandads from new he hed it for about a year and hes selling it now.
  16. there was someone on here a while ago talkin about pattern panels, think it was in ireland. you havnt got back to me about the suspension? tom.
  17. i thought it was 4x100 till someone on here told me, toyota are sneaky little people.
  18. ae86 uses 114.3 pcd, unlike any cars ever..... almost. rwd starlet rwd celicas datsun 240z (and others i think) i think some silvias, maybe 5 stud though. the supra wheels do fit. thats all the ones i can think of. someone will know loads more. most people do use superlites, i dont think they suit though, theyre for mk1 scorts. you can import wheels but theats pricey, not ideal for rally. you can fit 4x100 spacer/adaptors, theyre expensive though. you might be best off to get the hubs machined to 4x100 or ford fitment or something, i did this on a trailer, to fit alloys. hope that helps. tom ball.
  19. id bring the hachi out for that. ive never been to jae, how long would it take to get to from croydon area?
  20. grey keys dont do glove boxes either do they?
  21. thats a good way to get rid of some rubber. wheres that at? i cant find anywhere to have fun in the rolla and im gonna get myself in trouble on the roads!
  22. let me know what you need and ill see what ive got i think all thats missing is the exhuast and some interior. it was complete when i bought it. as i said its only done 30,000 so everything is in great condition.
  23. i hate working on suspension on older motors, all sounds well worth it though, im gonna have to keep a look out for some. saw some redlines on ebay.com a little while back,dont know what they went for. one was chipped though.
  24. ill have the lot. no bartering on price im happy with that. my mobile number is07731848514. if you need it. i work for a parcel company so i can get them collected no problem. cheers tom.
  25. theyre plastic. ill see when i can go get them and ill let you know on here. any other bits you might need im stripping it to a shell to fit the 2.0. so theres not alot of it i need.
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