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  1. Happy Birthday Dave-Celica-t23!

  2. Ok thanks mate, i dont think i will paint it. I will have to look into getting a custom job done.
  3. When i brought my Celica in 2005 i got a free set of europian head lights bonus, even though i will not use them lol. Its the thought that counts
  4. Hi i am new to this site. I am trying to fine an Engine Cover and engine dress for my 7th Gen 140 VVTI Celica. I cannot seem to find anything Please help. Dave.
  5. Hope this helps I had a TRD Spoiler fitted it cost me around £300. hen it arrived it didnt fit flush but i got a fiberglass tec to fit it and spray it which cost another £250. But it is well worth it. www.AltezzaLighting.co.uk675:cel_1.jpg]
  6. Dave-Celica-t23

    My Celica

    My 7th Gen Celica So far
  7. I romoved my double din unit myself and put a standerd system in it, its a pain in the ***** and cables every where. but you start of at the gear box grab the plastic from the box and it will lift up, takethe gear nob off so you can get the cover off. Then you then see some screws where the climate control is, remove them to get to the head unit. There are some more screws they need removing and the unit should come out. If you are putting another unit in you may need a Jap to English cable convetion which you can get at halfords. Dave
  8. I have a Celica Gen 7, this a limo balck tint, the rear window and rear passenger windows you can tint as dark as you like but the rest you cannot. It is a bit harder to see out the back at night but it is worth it as it looks mint.
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