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  1. hi boys and girls i am back again i just sold my lexus lights to a women and strange things is the lights she had on is the old model one so thats mean is make on japan and so i thought that will be alot easy for me to install because i am a nice person so changer them half of the price for what i bought and install for her as well but after i install the whole things only one lights is not working is the fog light so can any one can tell me why is that and is i need to run some kind of the cable for that or what and the things i know is my fog light is on the right hand side but her one is on the left so i dont know maybe the jap model is all deferent as the one made in france please help me she said is fine but i really like to find out why and then i will be able to fixed that for her but please dont think she is nice because is 35+++ :P :P
  2. roywhlong

    Hi All

    no idea where you can get that badges but i know one of the guy in toyota-irl club maybe will be able to tell you and his name is johnny lucas just pm him maybe he will be able to help you
  3. roywhlong

    Hi All

    but any way my car is on sale at the moment so all the bits is off the car already and every things is back to original if you want i got lots of bits for sale PM me if you would like to know what are they
  4. roywhlong

    Hi All

    what do you mean?do you mean the toyota badges on the horns i dont have one only if your car is T-sport and they come with leather streering wheel then you got the badges on the horns
  5. roywhlong

    Hi All

    down in cork..........!!!!!! abit far mate i live in dublin mate
  6. roywhlong

    Hi All

    hi mate welcome to the club just know you are from ireland too so hope you will enjoy your new car if you need a help i will be very happy to help you out and where are you any way???
  7. ryan it was around £16,500.00 i think not sure.......
  8. would some one give me a list for what car i can go with and it has to be very nice looking and has to be 1.6 and max €25000.00 for the total dont want second hand car :-)
  9. one things i know is the coupe got very heavy weight but yaris t sport only small car and got 1.5 on it so what do you think......??? but can you guys tell me which car is better hyundai coupe or mini cooper S.i know the mini got super recharge on it but the deferent on the price is around €6000 extra
  10. yah i didnt know that but oh wow still is original body work so if i not happy with it then just sale it thinking get the mini before i go with the hyundai but the mini was too expensive every is go to extra so more and more money so better stick with the hyundai coupe it look very nice for me and it was 1.6 so better then my old yaris any way
  11. thanks for all the replay you guys are very nice,very sad to see all my stuff been taking to they new owner but one things is wow now the people on this world really want to own the stuff but pay nothing for it stuppid my go and buy all the new stuff spend lots of money for it but what i really should do is keep looking for all the second hand and keep make them drap the price just like the people done it to me but how every will get my new car on next week but the yaris still in the garage.and one things is very surprised me is my insurance from 1.0 to 1.6 is €300 extra but next year will be alot cheaper because i will have my first year no claim BONUS......!!!!so tht sound great to me but i try to search on the net cant find any hyundai club so did you guys know are they got one at all please if you know pm me to let me know thanks
  12. because the other day i try to do a 3 point turn on a small road and because the road is too small so i have no choice just have to drive up to a drive way from some one house and because it was a small hill and i hear a big bang on the back and i get out the car and have a look then i saw the back bumber look like gonna falling out on that minute i feel very pain but still have to continual drive back home but when i pull over the gate and wait for the gate open for me then i hear another bang when i start to drive through and thats because i hit the bar on the the centre of the gate(to stop the gate when is closing) and the whole bumper is already falling out on this time i just cant believe it happened but any way the car is in the garage now and the guy gonna put every things back to original for me so hopefully some one will buy it from me then i will be very happy with that
  13. sad but still have to say good bye for every one here thanks for all yours help on the pass 7 months and now is time to change i just order a brand new hyundai couple with 1.6 because they are doing a special offer at the moment and i got a full lether seat for nothing and it was already come with every things but the sad things is before i have the new car i have to change my car back to original and sale it is mean more money.yaris is lovely to drive before you do any things on it but when you start then you never stop but only way to stop you is when things go wrong,as i said to you guy before sorry to fitted that body kit on it was love but too much painful and problem if didnt fitted right and it was too low as well just mean more problem but how ever if you love it thats all is matter so good luck for you guys before i go if any one from ireland want to buy all the bits from my car please pm me i still got a set of lexus lights,lether shelf for the back prefect for 6x9 speakers,custom make double exhaust will fit prefect with no problem and i think will looks well on the original body kit as well and the last item i have is that full body kits. cya guys...........................
  14. thanks vmail i think i have enough lighting on my car before i put the double exhaust i did think want to go with the led one but i change my mind if the led is gone then i have to replace the whole lots so now i am very happy for what i have but i still not happy with the body kit at all if i have money will go with hyundai coupe with 1.6 but still dreaming away at the moment.if i gonna trade in my yaris and i will get nothing for what i done on the car so dont know what i have to do with them if i gonna take every things out and put the yaris back to original.but i know i can ut the sound system to the new car but how about the wheel and the body kit and all the lighting.......and oh my god my drving test is on tomorrow hope the god will good for me let me pass for that then my dream will be easy to come true because at the moment my insurance is too high
  15. thanks for the commet and sorry for changing subject but SHOT ME!! if that really a big deal any way i like what i do and yes i have lot of blue leds and neon inside and outside my car who care i love it so when i fit them by my self and i feel great and special when have to wait untill dark to see the result just a great things to do but however i am sorry if some one dont like my work......tufffffff ti tis..............