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  1. I wrestled with a similiar problem. Needed a second car & the wife wanted a 4 door. She was looking at the corolla accent. I checked out the stivo and took it for a drive. Initially was not that impressed with how it went and was not looking to spend 30K. Then I found this chat site. After spending weeks reading peoples views on the stivo I decided to do it. I cannot thank those guys enough. What a F :censor: ing car!!!! It has been one of my best decisions I've made. You cannot slap the smile off my face every time I drive it. All I had to do was learn to drive it properly as it is a car that needs to be driven. And when you do.... Man does it reward you :D :D :D My wife and I are actually considering trading our other car for another one, for her. She has also discovered just how much fun these cars are to drive. I was with Illuminati when he sampled the stivo for the first time last week and his smile was bigger than mine! If you can stretch to afford it I say do it. Life was after all supposed to be FUN.... And with this car it's a blast Cheers mate
  2. Peekay34, are you still on for the Dyno Saturday at QSV? If you are I will see you there for 9am. Looking forward to seeing & especially hearing it on the dyno. Cheers mate
  3. Hey guys, I've put some of the photo's from sundays melb meet onto Illuminati's Web space - Thanx for the space illuminati - so if you want to check them out go to: Melbourne Meeting There are pictures of Peekay34's TRD CAI here if anyone is interested. Cheers
  4. Yes AaronNg Toyota has fudged the figures fot the sportivo, but not because of the camry but instead the Celica. The Celica is their hero car and as such do not want a $12,000+ cheaper car having the same figures. Would be very hard to then sell celica's. A car mag in New Zealand with very little practice has done a 7.6s 0-100 time, and it is very much a car you need experience with to get its full potential. They also weighed the car with a full tank of fuel & passengers finding it was over 30kg lighter than Toyota's specs stated.
  5. Same! I will have the cash for the next meet. Having a little trouble with the wife though , thinks its a big waste of money - but so was $20,000 for a wedding - as I told her... That did not help much though!!! A little bribery and she'll change her mind! Peekay I'll take you up on the offer of help installing the CAI. My hands can do the work you just show me what to do. And if I have to I'll bleach my hair
  6. Yeh... I know what your talking about 2ZZ-GE Sportivo regarding car snobs! As I was saying on sunday most people at my work drive Mercs and BMW's and constantly have a go at me about my rolla. They think its kinda pathetic that I luv my $30K Toyota. The funny thing is, though I liv 20km further than anyone alse from work, every morning I arrive with a big :D while they are moaning and grumbling about traffic. If thats what class does.... no thanx!!! And best of all that smile is not leased for $1000 a month. All I can say to them is :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
  7. This morning on the way to work at around 6am a new falcon XR6 Turbo pulls up to me at a set of lights on Springvale Rd. I look over and the drivers giving me that look - the one you give someone when you know your going to toast them. So I've returned his gaze and mouthed while pointing "Your going down", knowing perfectly well I was about to be murdered. Still I was going to take it like a man and go down fighting. This guy has laughed and then reved his engine.... so I reved mine. I swear I could hear the old western gunfight music! Lights turn green and we both jump from the line and I get traction (I must learn to do this more often). I take it right through to just before the rev limiter & slam it into 2nd and revs drop to 6000 and the stivo just keeps pulling like a mother :censor: . He slams it into 2nd and I can see he has noticed my nose is still sitting by his door. He's not use to 8000rpm in his right ear. I slam 3rd, revs staying over 6000, and can see his getting anxious as he aint really pulling that much away. He bounces of his rev limiter a few times and then grinds a gear changing to 3rd allowing me to gain back some ground putting my nose back on his door. I'm screaming over the top of my engine "I'm still here :censor: ". Then the enivitable happens and his superior grunt starts to ease him away. Fun over I back off!! Next set of lights he does not even look at me deciding he did not want to play anymore. I sit there with a big smile and realise sometimes Big Game Hunting is not about your nose being in front, but instead the look of horror in the eyes when they see your still there! When this panick causes them to bounce of the rev limiter and screw gear changes it's as sweet as any victory :D :D :D I luv driving to work!!!
  8. Peekay - Have no plans for Saturday, so if you can give me the details for the Dyno run I will come along. Your Stivo will sound fantastic on the Dyno. The graph will be interesting to see!!!
  9. Definately interested in seeing the Dyno run. Just give me the info and I will more than likely be there. Just have to check tonight to make sure my other half has not planned anything for me Saturday. I will let you know tommorrow for certain :D
  10. Most definately cash up front Peekay. Would not do it any other way. As regards your hands I think I might be able to get everyone to chip in for a couple band aids. I will PM you my contact details. Hey lucio_libre, good choice to come in on the intake. Pity you missed the ride in Peekay's, the sound was awesome!!! And with all 5 of us crammed in still increadibly quick. My brothers Type R is going to go down Thinking about scrapping the idea for a full exhaust as I took a look under the car last night. The standard one is pretty good. Exploring the idea of a TRD muffler instead (about $700 US) as it wwould cost approx a grand for a Supersprint or Remus so its not that much more. According to TRD their muffler does give a reasonable increase in power and sound great. Just do not know if it would fit AUS model.
  11. Next month sounds good to me 2ZZ-GE Sportivo. I will await your chat with the insurance company. Cheers
  12. You don't realise how quick the sportivo's are until you are driving with a group of them. Damn they were quick. I've got some good shots of the cars and especially Peekay's TRD induction. Illuminati you mentioned you had some free space I could upload them to. If the offer still stands could you PM me the details so as I can put them up! 2ZZ-GE Sportivo I am seriously looking at ordering the TRD induction very very soon, so if your interested let me know and we can work out a date to order them in the same shipment. Cheers Guys.