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  1. fuel miser, cfc1 has sent you a new personal conversation entitled "Boy! Ain't this the truth!". cfc1 said: ====================================================================== The so called joke you posted has absolutely no place on TOC, it is complete racism.. the fact that you mention the word "terrorist" doesn't make it better.. it only makes it even worse. One warning and this is it.. any more and it's instand permanent ban! ====================================================================== PLEASE DO NOT REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL! You can reply to this personal conversation by following the link below: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=members&module=messaging&section=view&do=showConversation&topicID=95780#msg102336 Attn:- cfc1. The link you have provided "to reply to this personal conversation" is defunct, hence I have no option other than to query the matter in this way. Could you please search the word 'muslim' in this adult joke section, then search the word 'terrorist' and study the numerous jokes with the mention of these words, and particularly the context in which the words were used, which many other members including myself have posted in the past. Can you therefore confirm that we cannot post the word 'muslim' together with the word 'terrorist', but such jokes will continue to be acceptable where these words don't appear in the same post. The "so called joke" was received by email and immediately copied and pasted within seconds on this and three other forums I frequently visit, so "the fact that you mentioned the word terrorist made it no better.. it only makes it even worse" wasn't something that I had even given time in consideration of. I would sincerely apologise to anyone who was offended by my post as it was certainly not my intention to cause any offence. I am happy for you (cfc1), to post your clarification of what is acceptable and what isn't via an edit to this post as opposed to a private email, so that we are all aware of the rules. Edit to add:- the link provided in the email sent to me would not work (and I tried several times), it appears to work in this post however.
  2. Seems like good value :lol2: (white or black? Oh, I'll just have one of each then!) http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/254965/
  3. I already understand how the TA info system works, but now I'm on my 2nd Prius I've never sussed how to solve the following immensely irritating problem. When I drive on a long trip, how do I stay tuned to Radio 2? (I usually listen to this as it's a national station and the frequent traffic reports keep me informed of any problems well in advance). I find I continually lose the signal every 30-40 miles or so, and I keep having to rescan for it, which is a fiddle because I can't do this from the audio buttons on the steering wheel (it'll only select the pre-set stations, but it won't find any once you're 50 miles away from where you'd originally pre-set them). I have to take my eyes off the road and search for the up/down seek buttons. It continually drives me nuts, especially when it starts to hiss and crackle just before the traffic info, and it often searches right through the entire band, stopping on all the other stations I don't want, before I can eventually pick it up again, invariably just in time to hear 'Sally Traffic' handing back to the DJ. :censor: The same also happens if I try listening to Radio 4 for anything more than 20 minutes. Is there any way I can select a setting that'll automatically stay tuned to a national station wherever I happen to be in the country?
  4. fuel miser

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    As far as I'm aware, "sold as seen" cannot be stated by a vehicle retailer because by law we are protected under the sale of goods act. The term is used at vehicle auctions, but you still have protection if the vehicle you have bought has not been described correctly i.e. you were told it was a 2.0 but it transpires to be a 1.6, or it wasn't declared as having been recorded on the V5 as damaged and repaired, stolen/recovered or was declared as a one owner car and has in fact had three etc etc. If you are selling your car privately it will be automatically "sold as seen", it is up to the buyer to carry out checks to ensure it is clear of finance or not been an insurance loss, but again, the buyer will have comeback if they can prove you have made any misleading statements about the vehicle.
  5. I wouldn't believe a word Churchill says, he told me he was seeing Bella Emberg last weekend........(cut to clip) well somebody cleaned this one up (it's been transformed into a truly hysterical gag now!), obviously this "adult humour" thread can't be that adult then
  6. [quote: Grumpy Cabbie Anyway, back to the OP. That is actually terrible and shocking depreciation for the first year. Hopefully the high fuel prices will correct that soon ;-) Both of those cars are already sold, so it proves they are in demand.
  7. Well that's another type of consideration. Apparantly the latest model VW Passat is renowned for making the rear seat passengers ill. Not sure if it's the diesel engine vibrations or the rear suspension settings but it definitely likes to part the passenger from their stomach contents. I didn't realise that the Octavia did a version below 100g/km! You're probably right that many of my colleagues will go for it as it is quite impressive for a diesel - but at 103 bhp it'll be dull dull dull to drive. I think they've got these better figures with the start stop system. I was going to check the price but their greenline website is utter shi*e and impossible to use. Still rather have the quietness of the hybrid and cheapness of petrol. Probably one of the main attractions will be the considerable discounts that Skoda are prepared to give. The list price of the new Octavia Greenline II is £16,990, but according to the latest 'What Car?' you should aim for a target price of £14541 (£2449 off list). The best target price for a Prius T3 is £18896 (£1369 off list). So the Octavia Grenline can be had for £4355 less than a Prius T3, which looks quite attractive, but it's not the whole story. An auto gearbox isn't even available on the Greenline (essential, surely, for doing your job) but on Octavia models where it is, you'll need to fork out another £1160. I doubt if it'll return much better than 40 mpg in traffic on diesel which is more expensive. The fact they're heavily discounted will also affect the residual value, so whatever you've saved buying new you'll pay for at trade-in time. It'll probably make a reasonable motorway car but for your job I'm sure an Octavia Greenline (in comparison with your Prius) would be an utter pain to live with. Only when they get their 2.0 TDi CR 140bhp engine to produce those sort of economy/CO2 figures would one be worth considering, which perhaps they will over time. The next BMW 3 series will feature a 1.5 150bhp 3 cylinder diesel with sub 100g/km CO2, so things are heading that way.
  8. Just 103 bhp from the Golf Bluemotion! What you've said confirms exactly what I've read numerous times. Owners who sit all day on the motorway in top gear get reasonable economy and are generally happy with their eco diesels. But on other roads or in traffic, you have to floor them all the time to make any progress, and that has a substantial effect on economy. I suspect it's a lot to do with the mapping of the engine management system in order to achieve the impressive EU quoted CO2/economy statistics, but these aren't borne out by owner's everyday driving experiences. The cabbie default choice as I drive around the country seems to be the Octavia. There's now a 99g CO2/74.3 mpg 'Greenline II' model available, with the same 103bhp as in the Golf Bluemotion. Imagine what that's going to be like to drive! But many of your colleagues will still no doubt jump into one instead of considering a Prius. They may regret it when they've just picked up four inebriated, boisterous, 16st+ kebab munchers at 2am who've just fallen out of a club, and the one sitting directly behind you on the point of barfing, I mean, you'd surely want them delivered somewhere rather rapidly, would you not?
  9. Grumpy, there's a comparison road test in Februaries 'What Car?' between the VW Golf Bluemotion, the Nissan Leaf, and the Toyota Prius. Their test result was to recommend them in that order, Golf first, Leaf second and Prius last! Utter nonsense in my opinion. Firstly the Golf. I've read many forums where owners of these Bluemotion/Greenline/Econetic diesel models struggle to better 50mpg. General opinion says that whilst the sub 100g CO2 and economy figures look great on paper, the torque/gearing compromise makes them very tedious to drive, and many Golf Bluemotion owners in particular are saying they were easily able to get high fifties mpg out of their 130bhp Golfs ten years back, but can't achieve that from their new Bluemotions, the promised economy being the reason they bought them. As for the Nissan Leaf, as you stated in another thread, those not venturing too far out of town can probably manage with one. No good for me though, for the likes of my 370 mile non stop trip down from Scotland on Tuesday. The Leaf's 100 mile maximum range (presumably provided you don't use heater/lights/wipers etc) would need to quadruple before I could consider one. Also, for your job, I suspect you'll struggle with a 330 litre boot (compared to the Prius at 445 litres). So my road test verdict would be Prius first, Golf Bluemotion second and Nissan Leaf third. There is, however, an interesting article in the magazine about future green technology, with some details on the Honda FCX Clarity (hydrogen fuel-cell), VW Golf Blue-E-motion (all-electric), Vauxhall Ampera (electric with petrol engine range extender), and the plug-in Prius.
  10. Absolutely, look at what I've just posted about selling mine! My phone just never stopped ringing about it. But the best used bargains are to be had are outside of the Toyota network. Also, look at this story. In September of 2009, I went to a Toyota dealer and had a test drive in their T4 Gen 3 demonstrator (actually the dealer who had carried out all the servicing on my T4 whilst I had owned it), then sat down and discussed figures for a cash sale with my finance free T4 as a trade-in. Against a £23k T Spirit they were prepared to give me just £5k for my (then) 3 year old immaculate car with fully stamped Toyota history. "So we'll need your car and £18k cash to do the deal" I was told. My car, at that time, had a trade-in value of £7k with the mileage it had, so, they were offering £2k less, and not a penny off the new car. When I questioned this, "Oh we don't consider your car to be that desirable" I was told. "But on your forecourt, you have an older 2005 55 reg T4 Prius in that naff light blue colour with the same mileage as mine, and you want £7995 for it" I said. "Yes, but we haven't sold that one so we don't really want yours" was the reply. So last month (a whole 15 months and 18,000 additional miles later) I very easily sold my "not very desirable" T4 privately for £500 more than I was offered!
  11. I've just had a look at the Autotrader website, some used Gen 3s are now around for quite sensible money for the first time. For example, a trader has a 2009 59 reg T3 model with 32,000 miles for £12.5k. Or you could save a whole £10k (over the cost of buying new) and bag yourself a 2010 10 reg T Spirit with only 8000 miles for just £13,495 (for sale by a private seller, but the reg no. is clearly visible so one can easily check the history out - therefore I would consider he has nothing to hide). That car seems a bargain, especially when compared to the cheapest available Gen 3 T Spirit from a Toyota dealer, an 09 59 reg with 43,000 miles at £16k! Incidentally, I sold my 06 T4 Prius last month, it went within days of having it advertised. I received, without exaggeration, probably well in excess of 100 enquiries from people desperate to buy it, I even had two calls on Christmas day about it! I'm sure I could have actually sold it ten times over. Many of them, on telling them I'd already sold the car, then wanted to know what they're like, how they work and if they're reliable. I explained to them all that I'd already bought another Gen 2 model (a T Spirit) and that the T4 which I owned for two and a half years and drove for 40,000 miles, never had anything, not even a bulb, fail on the car. "So do buy yourself one!" I told them all. I also referred them to this excellent forum if there was anything they ever needed to know about the Prius.
  12. Well that's certainly what the article claims....... http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/254818/
  13. I suspect you may be too late, as far as I'm aware I was the last to be interviewed.
  14. exactly mae - sorry, I didn't mean to ignite a Gen 2 v Gen 3 flame war on your thread. We'll leave it at that. Doubtless somebody will be along in a minute to answer your question about the Gen 2 motorway cruise. If I tried to drive for that length of miles on Motorway in Northern Ireland, I'd run out of country. Well someone has to defend them, there's been some nonsense spouted on here about the gen2 recently! "The values are about to plummet as they're no longer congestion charge exempt." - "They do 10mpg less than a gen3." - "The gen3 has much better performance." - "The gen3 has more torque". All I'm doing is correcting a few untruths from some rather exaggerating gen3 owners (perhaps us gen2 owners should have our own forum. :lol2: ) As for motorway trips, I'll do one of about 380 miles on Christmas day, I drove 760 miles in one day in my previous T4, I frequently do 450-500 mile journeys in a day. My previous wheels to the T4 were on a BMW 525d touring, the Prius is certainly no BMW to drive but then I didn't expect it to be. I find it comfortable, smooth, refined and quiet on long trips, so long as you don't try hammering it. Possibly a 2.0 TDi might return the same or slightly better mpg if you cruise at an indicated 80mph, but then an auto diesel certainly won't do 50mpg in city traffic.
  15. Sorry, I don't agree about the "torque at the wheels" bit, I can't see why it would be less on a gen2 when the figures say otherwise. A cars performance is not just determined by the torque output, it is also in conjunction with the horsepower output of the engine. The hybrid system on the gen2 had net bhp of 112, the gen3 has 134. That would surely explain the slight performance advantage of a gen3 over a gen2.
  16. Hi Thanks for the links, I done both of them, quite interesting, also got a good insurance quote off them, £222.30 fully comp. the review were good to read, two slightly off but the rest were spot on,thanks for your interest. MGnut An interesting article on the gen2 Prius for you...... http://www.autocar.co.uk/blogs/stillatthewheel/archive/2009/12/28/toyota-prius-is-my-car-of-the-decade.aspx Plus this site is very useful for searching used car values..... http://www.wisebuyers.co.uk/
  17. You're right, the figures are closer than would be implied from my posting. A 0-60 of 10.4 secs would make the car comparible with the Mark 3 Golf GTi I used to own. Mind you, I'd seen a figure of 9.8 sec for the 0-60 time on a Gen 3, which is what I based my comparison on. However it's the torque comparison that is more interesting. From the Priuschat forum: Gen2: 295 lbs-ft Gen3: 403 lbs-ft More torque means better mid range acceleration, which is more useful in the everyday world. Is the Gen 3 a quantum leap better than the Gen 2 for performance? I would say not. Is its performance significantly improved over the Gen 2? I would say "Yes" and I'm basing that on numerous press reviews, not just on the 0-60 figures. I tend to ignore top speed anyway, as it's mostly irrelevant. My last two cars were both capable of more than twice the national speed limit but I never got up to that speed, not on our public roads! Honest! ;) Those torque figures are incorrect. From the Prius gen3 brochure the torque output of the electric motor is 207 lbs/ft, plus 142lb/ft from the petrol engine. Total = 349. The gen2 Prius electric motor had 295lb/ft, plus 85lb/ft from the petrol engine. Total = 380. Someone provided a good link with a detailed technical comparison of the 3 generations of Prius a few weeks ago, I've looked for it but can't find it as I can't remember which thread it was in or who posted it. However, the gen2 Prius defo has more torque than a gen3.
  18. Toyota's own quoted performance figures. Gen2 max speed = 106, 0-62mph = 10.9 Gen3 max speed = 110, 0-62mph = 10.4 They only appear to be marginally better to me.
  19. r Agree with that but where is the extra 10 mpg from? Gen2 combined mpg 65.7, gen3 70.6 (T4 and T-Spirit). Most vehicles average about 20% less than the combined figure, so I would have thought the gen3 in practise would deliver about 3.9mpg more at best? £10 per annum VED doesn't exactly break the bank either.
  20. I'm afraid I disagree Grumpy, hence why I bought an 09 gen2 and not a gen3. I have driven a gen3, I didn't consider it the vast improvement that, for example, the gen2 certainly was over the gen1 version. There are one or two features I prefer on the gen2, the central display screen for one, and the lack of obstruction between the front seats, so if you have to park in an awkward position (next to a wall for example) with the driver's door unable to open, you can easily slide across and get out of the passenger side. But the biggest factor of all is the warranty, which as we know was reduced on the early gen3 version. The gen2 has 8 years or 100,000 miles on the battery and hybrid bits, so you can run one for a year or two and still sell with plenty of warranty left to give the next owner confidence. If I replace this one with another Prius, I certainly won't be buying an early one with the short warranty.
  21. Edit:- (seems to have double posted for some reason, can you delete this one please admin?)
  22. Due for UK launch late next year. It's grown in size (did it need to?) and looks rather Renault-ish to me. The comments in the discussion section aren't too complimentary either. http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/254665/
  23. Advice on winter tyres/snow chains/socks from the IAM. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/road-safety/8209810/Winter-tyre-advice-from-the-IAM.html
  24. The diners were clueless as to what was about to happen, hilarious!
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