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  1. Have a look on Autotrader and see what similar models are being advertised at, the car you’re looking at has a pretty impressive MOT history and if service history is good should be a very good buy.
  2. Heidfirst, starting the Rav would silence the alarm but when the key was removed from the ignition the alarm would reset and sound when the door was opened, many of the Toyota range ‘auto arm’ which can be annoying.
  3. I used to fit the alarms at Toyota but other than disconnecting the siren which in the case of the rav 4.2 is under the battery tray and the siren also contain batteries to sound even if vehicles main battery is disconnected luckily my siren batteries were shot so I disconnected the main battery for peace and quiet ! The alarm ecu is tucked up in the left hand side of the dashboard, take glovebox out and small panel at the end of the dashboard next to the passenger door (open the passenger door and look at the end of the dashboard) there is a 10mm bolt that holds the ecu bracket and maybe some sticky butyl tape, the plug in the ecu is covered with a pop riveted cover for security so you would need to drill out The rivets to remove the plug, I don’t know if removing the plug from the ecu would affect the door locking as the alarm loom connects to the locking loom behind the L/H kick panel.
  4. Ok guys all sorted, it was the lock actuator unit which lives behind the rear left hand panel ( behind the fuel flap )
  5. Hi Guys, had a unexpected problem with the Rav today, pressed the unlock button on the remote and nothing ! Doors didn’t unlock and no flashes from indicators, tried a couple of more times but nothing. The red light in the fob was showing well but tried our other key with the same result no response from locks or alarm as this was 5.30 am I didn’t try opening the door with the key as I knew the alarm would go off and panic my family and neighbours ! Left it a few hours then opened the drivers door and the alarm sounded i quickly started the car which silenced the alarm but did notice only the drivers door unlocked the other doors remained locked, toggling the lock switch on the drivers door unlocked all the doors. The alarm will not turn off using the fobs and just resets to sound again when a door is opened. We checked for blown fuses under the bonnet plus the fuses under the steering column but all seems ok we then checked for power at the door lock actuator inside the left hand rear panel where it showed approximately 12v but pressing the lock/unlock buttons on the fobs didn’t seem to show any reading on the ‘outgoing ‘ side of the plug but I have purchased a secondhand actuator to try when it arrives. We tried re-programming the keys which went well with the locks going through the cycling process but no response with the final hold of lock/unlock buttons. 2005 Rav xtr 5 door. Any ideas guys ?
  6. If set over sensitive microwaves can pass through the glass so any movement close to the car could set the alarm off such as a person walking past, the glass breaker picks up vibration such as the breaking of a window.I don’t think there would be anything recorded that a OBD scanner could read as the alarm has its own ecu and connects through the indicators and to the siren.
  7. Hi, your model probably has a microwave sensor which is adjustable for sensitivity and will probably be behind the dashboard accessed through the glovebox,empty the glovebox squash both sides inwards and drop the glovebox down, the microwave should be visible to the right towards the radio, make sure there are no windows down a fraction also movement close to the windows can set off a over sensitive microwave (moving branches of trees etc) the white tubes you mention are probably the drain tubes from a sunroof.
  8. If this is a early 4.2 Rav the ecu should be in the end of the dashboard on the passenger side, there is a removable panel in the end of the dash for fixing bolts. Take out the glove box and look up into the l/h corner of the dash.The adjustable microwave should be behind the radio tied to the bulkhead strengthening bar.
  9. I appreciate this is an old post but how would a stuck closed thermostat stop the heater from working ? The water would circulate around the engine and heater matrix as normal the problem would be the overheating of the engine as with the thermostat closed the coolant from the radiator would not be able to enter the cooling system also if the cooling fan switch is in the radiator on that model that would not work.
  10. I drive all the Toyota range at work and the Yaris Hybrid is a firm favourite with me and my work colleagues.
  11. Thanks Del I didn't consider that.
  12. Hi all, my wife has had her rav for over 6 years ( 2.0 auto vvti 5 door xtr 65k) and since we have had it there has been a wallowing sound from what sounds like the drivers side rear, the sound gets louder and faster with speed but is only noticeable from around 50 mph and is gone after 65 mph. I initially thought it could be the tyres falcon rear bridgstone front and not really took that much notice but my daughter was in the car today and noticed it, the m.o.t. Guy has never noticed any play in the wheel bearings so hoping its not the rear diff ! But at only 65k I think it unlikely. Your thoughts please.
  13. Been driving the ' New Rav ' for the last couple of weeks also fitting the ' Style' kits to 180 of them. I prefer the drive of the 4x4 (2.2) to the 4x2 (2.0) it just feels more solid,the 4x2 feels more Verso like. Bigger boot and more legroom in the back,like the electronic lift up tailgate.
  14. Thanks' guys will checkout the backplate on the weekend ;)
  15. From memory that model has a microwave sensor probably fitted behind the radio,it is adjustable for sensitivity by turning the little screw which is behind the rubber plug.