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  1. Thanks, I’ll grab some screenshots asap
  2. As mentioned above check battery terminals are tight , the 12v battery condition is important on the hybrid models many cars are left in storage for some time and battery quality suffers, also check 30amp dome fuse is secure in the fuse box.
  3. Thanks, I’ll have a look at that , my daughter texted me to say the power steering warning light also came on for a short time 🙄 . When she turns the car off and then restarts the warning lights disappear and all’s good for a while then suddenly lights reappear, haven’t heard a beeping with an abs light before 🤷‍♂️ obviously a intermittent connection somewhere but not easy to diagnose.
  4. Thanks , have done all that , it’s a intermittent connection somewhere but not easy to locate 👍
  5. Battery voltage 12.53v codes can be cleared but as fault is intermittent can reappear 24 hours or more later when abs/trc warning light shows again.
  6. Have gone into the abs system using Toyota techstream and everything seems to check out ok , can operate abs pump and check abs sensors no problem, will check plugs in back of gauges though 👍 what I can’t understand is the connection (no pun intended) between the rev counter and speedometer being erratic and abs codes.
  7. Hi all, my Daughters 2014 Yaris Trend has started having some strange electrical issues lately, the abs/trc light comes on occasionally plus an annoying beep , also the Rev counter and speedometer needles are erratic plus the coolant temperature light flashes on and off ! I have OBD2 codes showing as U0073 and U0129 which are control module communication issues and could possibly a bad abs module. The front near side wheel speed sensor did show as a possible problem so I removed it and cleaned it although it was quite clean and in good condition plus I checked the wiring up to the connect
  8. New vehicles can be left in storage at UK import centres for quite some time with batteries still connected, the models with easy access to battery usually gets the negative battery lead disconnected but most hybrid vehicles are left connected and although the ‘dome’ fuse is not fitted over time the battery will discharge especially in the colder months, if the battery is left in a discharged state it will deteriorate to a level where even if charged will never be a ‘healthy’ battery. Also vehicles fitted with a factory alarm if armed for a period of weeks can slowly discharge the batte
  9. Do the sensors need to be re-activated in the settings menu ? Perhaps all settings were lost when the battery discharged.
  10. emin-j

    Radio swap

    Thanks again flash22, The unit ending 020 is the 2011-mid 2014 and the unit ending 160 is mid 2014 > the early head unit used navi ending 331 which I think is the one in your photo , the later head unit I believe used navy ending 334 . I think I’ll just whip the radio out and see what we’ve got. cheers.
  11. emin-j

    Radio swap

    Thanks flash22, I’m from the UK but my area is not listed, my daughters 2014 registered (2013 model) Yaris trend has the head unit with the cd slot at the top (020 ?) but the navigation unit is not installed but have the chance to purchase a 334 navi unit but not sure if this unit will work with the 020 head unit, the other option would be purchase the 160 head unit which I believe will work with the 334.
  12. emin-j

    Radio swap

    Hi all , does anyone know if the Yaris 2014 > with the OD 160 radio will fit the earlier Yaris 2011- 2014 with the OD 020 radio , or will the 334 navigation unit fit the OD 020 radio from the earlier car,thanks.
  13. emin-j

    Sat nav issues

    The antenna position was moved about 6” to the left of original position, did hear of some navi units fitted upside down !
  14. Been driving these lately and very nice too , I believe the 2.0 is 182 bhp ! ( battery in the boot on 2.0lt)
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