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  1. Well the light has now turned itself off... It was booked in on tuesday, so will give them a call on Monday see if it's worth still taking it in, would the car store the code so they'd know what was wrong? To answer your questions Cab, it's only ever been filled with diesel, if it had run out of oil wouldn't the oil light have come on? not the engine management light? but no it still has the correct amount of oil in it as it did last time I checked, it had it's first years service as I got a 50% discount on that when I bought the car.
  2. Good news, was getting a bit worried, as a Google search brought up comments of people having to pay upwards of £1000 for new Cat and ECU when the warning light comes on. Was starting to think I had jinks'd Toyota by buying from them.
  3. The warning light was on this morning, although the car seems to run fine. Any one got any ideas as to what it might be and if whatever's wrong with it is likely to be covered by the warranty? Cars only a year half old, done just under 14k. I've book it in at the garage and they are going to check it, just looking for a heads up on cost etc...
  4. whats wrong with the MMT box? I also have an 08 D4D mmt, and haven't had any problems with it. Only thing I would like is an override switch so when I have it in manual it is actually manual and I can change the gear when I want not when the car thinks I'm going fast enough, doing 12-15mph in first isn't a good thing IMO, but this is only an occasional problem and nothing dangerous about it, just annoying.
  5. Is that website correct? Yaris' need new brake pads every 8-12,000 miles? No... Good :D Not a very good used car expert website, in that case though.
  6. Is that website correct? Yaris' need new brake pads every 8-12,000 miles? at an average cost of £70 a go? Seems a bit OTT me. Sorry Dan, no help to you at all, other than if true you might want to check out other cars.
  7. Can't say I use the underneath bit much, but now you mention it, yes it does rub on the sides. Don't think there is much Toyota could do about it though, if the compartment lid was smaller it would risk shaking loose and rattling in in the boot.
  8. Thanks for the replies, took the car to the dealer today and they have replaced the filler tube. It does look different to the original in that the plastic blue thing is further down the tube than it was, so hopefully this has sorted the problem.
  9. It must depend on also how long you plan to keep the car, the longer you keep the more money you are saving. Also I purchased a diesel recently as I had spare cash when buying but in these times of rising fuel costs I figured it would be easier to pay for on a month to month bases. @Bos: Is servicing a diesel a lot more than a petrol car then? I don't know the cost of them but have been told by the dealer that every other years service on my diesel (aka, year 1, 3, 5 etc) are only interim services which are basically an oil change. Can't cost that much... Edit: Also wouldn't you be able to resell the diesel for more, so the extra cost in purchasing to start with is also offset.
  10. Not had any problems like that with mine, got 2kish on the clock. Have you contacted the dealer? What did they have to say?
  11. Aren't Toyota doing a free 3 years servicing at the moment? So no top of any discount you get from a dealer you should also remember this before buying from else where. You should get a very good deal at the moment. One thing though, they will probable bring out a bill form Toyota showing the car costing them X amount, which won't be much less than what they are offering the car to you. I think the one I was shown a couple of months ago, with the discount I got said they were only making a couple of hundred on the car. Don't believe this, there is no way that it's true, worst case is that is what they pay for the car and then Toyota give them a cash back deal.
  12. In the blue plastic thing. Filled up earlier and the nozzle got stuck I had to really yank it out witch has broken the blue plastic thing and now I can't get my filler cap back on. The car if only a couple of month old (about 2 and a half I think) and only done 2000ish miles so not been filled up that much, do you think I can get the dealer to fix this under the warranty? It can't be normal for nozzles to get stuck so must be a fault in the car. Also it has always been hard to fill up, you have to do it really slow or the pump just cuts off as if the tank is full, this also can't be normal and could be linked to the problem what do you think?
  13. Surely if it was a mis-fueling problem, even if done in the past sometime it wouldn't be covered under the warranty anyway? For the dealer to say they will fix it under the warranty they can't believe that to be the cause.
  14. ive let my d4d mark II down to 1 bar but its never told me how much further i can drive .. can you please tell me how to display this? On the right hand side of the display just under the clock. If you press the button next to it it will change what ever is displayed there, to -MPG-Ave MPG-Temp-Mile(left)-
  15. As per title, I see Toyota USA will let you download a user manual, if you register your USA Toyota with them. But can't seem to find the same thing in the UK. IS there anywhere I can got one? As I much prefer online manuals, makes it so much easier to find the bit you want. Or can someone tell me the answer to todays question? Can I set the MPG/Ave MPG/ Miles left/ Temp display to cycle through them all? So it shows each for 5 seconds or something. Or do I really need to press the button that is so far away every time I want to see some different information?
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