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  1. Happy Birthday SteveUK260!

  2. you are totally right £1.100 is totally over the top, my local toyota dealer quoted me £600 for original toyota clutch, of course i think that over the top too, i got myself( Quinton Hazell Automotive Limited ) they even give lifetime warranty on their cluches, for personal use only and as long as you own it. and i managed to get it brand new for £73 delivered, +£130 mechanics cost to fit it, got it in toi be done today, if this works i would recommend it to everyone. When its done i'l update you.
  3. As to the fogging there is two reasons, 1) rubber caps you replaced wrongly 2) cracked glass every time i change bulbs i have problems fitting the rubber caps, takes me like 2 minutes on each fiddling with it.
  4. in your place i would do 3 things 1) Check warranty agreement to see if it excludes injectors specifically, or excludes general things like engine, ETC, if not you might be in luck. 2) Get toyota dealer to write you a letter stating what is wrong with the car, and how it can be fixed, (make sure its on letter headed paper) 3) Go to the place you bought your car from and show them the letter, sometimes they sub contract external garages to fix cars for them, and those garages might be unreliable.
  5. I found this site: here is what it says on the kit description:
  6. I like that blue car showing the engine, looks to me like its tuned engine.
  7. i have Avensis SE 1999 Liftback, if your boot doesn't want to stay open it can only be one problem, its the black shocks on the boot that are shown on your picture, you either get them fixed, or replace them depends on price, I personally would replace them, nothing beats a new part. Steve
  8. Nice to meet you, you will find that we are all a friendly bunch here, again a warm welcome to you, nice to have another Toyota car owner with us. :D Steve
  9. Have a look here:
  10. Thats what i'm wondering myself actually, maybe move this topic?
  11. No glass policy? does that mean if i came i would have to come with no wind shield on my car or sunroof? Now seriously, I Wish, I could come, 90 miles is a bit far for me, sry i wont be joining any of you that are going.
  12. Ah well better late than never, here it goes I'm Steve from Bedford, I have Toyota Avensis 1.8 SE (1999) V Reg, and its my first car, And I Am 22. I joined the club because I feel, I can learn a lot about cars from just reading posts, especially Toyota ones :D thx for the forums. I'm a computer geek, and hopefully soon car geek too Sincerely Steve W
  13. it has been suggested on Wales Region to exchange msn and or email contact details I think thats a very good idea, but do it so one person or two people from central region would have people added from that region, and the person organizing the even will have to pass on the message to one of the people who have everyone added, which they will in turn contact the rest of the people from that region, this is stop spam, and make only two people contact list clog up. What ya think? Steve
  14. On totally full tank of petrol, I just did 361.6 miles and I have half tank of petrol left, not sure how that translates into MPG, 98% of it is dual carriageways and single carriageway. my car is a Toyota Avensis SE 1.8 1999 V reg