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  1. Thanks Conrod I'll bear that in mind, I'm taking RAV to my local mechanic and let him check it over, thanks again. He knows RAV very well because I always take it to him for MOT and he is good with tyres mine kept going down more than usual and he managed to fix them for me..
  2. Thanks for that Mike, I haven't got the Halfords discount card but I'll look on the internet for a bargain.
  3. Thanks Conrod that looks just the job, I'll have to get saving. Thanks for the information.
  4. Thanks again Michael, it's nice to know your interested to know how I get on.
  5. Thanks Michael will have to buy a bigger battery, there's room for one.
  6. Thanks for the advice Phil I'll try that. The mind boggles, it could be a dodgy battery because I used a mains charger to charge the battery and it was ok for a week but now it's let me down again by going flat.
  7. Hello Phil, yes all the doors are closed when I lock it and there's no lights on. Also the radio is turned off. I found an article online about parasitic battery drain which my son checked for with his multimeter. As amateurs we don't think it's that. We've had a go a using the multimeter on the alternator which showed that it wasn't fluctuating. Might have to let a 'proper' mechanic have a look at it, thanks.
  8. Thanks for reply Paul. It's a petrol RAV4 2.0 engine. My son has tested battery with a multimeter and says it's ok so it's more than likely an alternator problem. It started with a battery jumper that I keep in back of car for emergencies.
  9. It is a fairly new battery that keeps going flat. Do you know how to test if it's the alternator or if I need a new battery please?
  10. Yes he did test for power at the connector and it was 12 V, thanks.
  11. Thanks for your helpful reply. My son has taken the socket out and has ordered another from ebay so I hope this works.
  12. re TOYOTA RAV4 March to August 1999 three door. Hello I was using an air compressor plugged into the cigarette lighter socket when it stopped working. I tried my son's compressor and that didn't work either, it had just been working on his car. I think I found the fuse for it under the heading CIG in the fuse box located under the steering wheel. II's a 15 volt one. It looks ok. In the manual it shows a third fuse box, I don't know if this is the one I need, but I can't find it. Can you help me with this please?
  13. Hello, it is a 3 door older model T reg.
  14. The water sprayer doesn't hit the window, it just spurts straight up. I've tried to use a needle to move the nozzle but it doesn't work. Can you help me with this please?
  15. voo

    Central Locking

    Hello I tried to open centrally locked doors using key fob and it didn't work. I put a new battery in but it still doesn't work. I can open doors manually but of course the alarm goes off. Have you an idea as to what could be wrong please? It is a 1999 model but this is the first time this has happened. It doesn't lock the doors now that they are open. I've left it unlocked for the time being.
  16. Message to GT4 BOOSTER, I'm glad I've given you a laugh. Has your petrol gun nozzle ever clicked?
  17. Thanks bothwell buyer I may have pushed the nozzle in too far, I'll see what happens the next time I put petrol in.
  18. Thanks Plutus, Anchorman and Hoovie for your fast, helpful replies.
  19. It's the first time I've had to put petrol in. Originally the petrol gauge showed about quarter full. I got to the £10 mark and the gun thing started clicking and wouldn't let me add further petrol (I wanted to put £20 in). I managed to get it to £12 and then I gave up. What am I doing wrong please?
  20. Thanks you very much GT4 BOOSTER. We've just tried the 'resetting the ecu advice' you gave me and it seems to have lowered the revs and the engine is a lot quieter. There's still something a bit different than before but I'll gladly drive it now and see if it improves. (I didn't like driving it with high revs).
  21. Thanks, that's brilliant. I just hope a passer-by doesn't see me doing it. I always lock myself in even though this causes amusement from my passengers.
  22. Oh Hoovie you're having a laugh at me aren't you?
  23. Thanks for giving me a good laugh Anchorman when I'm feeling ****** off about the RAV4. I don't think Anchorwoman would be bothered at all if she could see me. I think it's a great forum with friendly, helpful people. I really appreciate your offer of help when I feel so helpless and misunderstood about the cambelt problem. As a woman, the way I see it is that the cambelt is OK. The ch ch ch problem probably, as GT4 BOOSTER says, is the over-tightened power steering belt. Can I ask you about the revs when I start the car up? Today, the first time I turned the engine on, the rev counter said 1,200. It eventually went down to 800. A few hours later it read 1,500 and it went down to 1,000, but no lower. This was while idling. Before the cambelt was replaced I'm certain it started off on lower revs and the engine was very quiet. It seems to take a long time for the engine to quieten down than it did before. Also would it help to take the earth off the battery and press the brake pedal twice slowly as GT4 BOOSTER says, or is this a joke?
  24. Thanks GT4 BOOSTER. I hope I can persuade my husband to take notice of me and get it sorted with the mechanic who did the job. I would like to take it to AA or RAC but it will be too expensive, it was our local garage mechanic that did the job and I'm really regretting having him do it now. When I took it to him with my concerns he said there's nothing wrong with it.
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