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  1. can i fit a supra steering wheel on my 6gen celica??
  2. 94celicaGT


    i had a same problem with my car too i just disconnected the battey for a little while then put it back and it works fine now
  3. 94celicaGT

    Cv Boot

    i have a 6gen and my CV boot keeps on ripping do yall know why it does this and this isn`t only me my friend has the same car and has the same problem as me anyone has any idea why this happens?
  4. i dont have a gt4 so i dont know but i know that the gt4s hood has a hoodscoop and how is it? meaning like when it rains do the rain get inside? or is their something that prevents the rain form gettin in to the engine
  5. the cams im goin to get them custom made or get an 3s cams and the pistons ae gonna ge the 3s and yea if anyone know anything about the supercharger for the 5sfe let me know
  6. neo what your sayin is that just by removing the cat and addin a intake will beat a typeR thats impossible because i did all that and still cant beat an GSR im thinkin of gettin cams and pistons soon thou so i can beat them damn hondas
  7. i kno how you feel about the lack of power because i have the 5sfe myself
  8. 94celicaGT


    i want a 3sgte because im gettin tired of my 5sfe because of the lack of parts and power im planing to keep this engine though for smog and want to kno if their is any other stuff i can do to the 5sfe if anybody knows let me know like getting the 3s head on the 5sfe how good is that what can i get just by puttin a 3s head how much power? i dont know that much about what i can do to this engine so can somebody help me
  9. 94celicaGT


    has anyone did the 3s swap? if you did of if u kno how much it cost please tell me im gettin ready to get it soon do i want some info
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