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  1. #1. It's a Camry #2. It's automatic #3. It's probably 2.2 Sell that bad boy and get yourself a Celica or something.
  2. It sure can. Depending how much you can spend, get blue top 4AGE and T25 turbo kit. You'll be very pleased with the power.
  3. A standard GT-R will run 16 flat. Just trade up and you'll have a better base for something if you're going to start modding.
  4. I put a 1GGTE in my GZ10 Soarer. Pretty easy conversion really, I'd almost certain it'll be the same with a Celica. I'm a little disappointed as to how fast it goes. Mine's probably about 260hp with a few mods but if you want any more than that, you have to consider going for something like a single T3/T4 upgrade.
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