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  1. I have a blue 1980 Celica GT USGP. This car was only made in 1980 and only came in red, white or blue. I would love to know just how many of each color Toyota made.
  2. Dmerit Here is some information on your USGP, I have a blue one. I have never been able to find out just how many of each color that Toyota made. I pulled this from one that is selling on ebay right now. The USGP stands for United States Grand Prix. This Special Edition was to commemorate Toyota's association with Grand Prix racing in the United States. This $750.00 option was offered only in 1980. The option included the following. On the exterior: a special honeycomb grill, flat black B pillars, special side stripes, mud guards, and aluminum alloy wheels. On the interior, the special feat
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