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  1. Hi, My old man called tonight to tell me of an problem he had with his Auris. A day or so ago he put the key in the ignition and the entire dashboard lit up like a christmas tree - every bulb (warning ones, light ones, indicators - the lot) was on. He started the car - no problems but the lights did not go out so he turned the ignition off. Lights went out. Problem was - the engine did not stop! He had to stall the car to get it to stop! Toyota find no error logs in the ECU and claim to know of no othe car with a fault like this! Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone got a clue as to what is the likely root cause? Cheers in advance of anyhelp.
  2. My 2.2D did the same. A trip to the deal saw a new cluch fitted. Why I asked? Because the dual mass flywheel don't work right! By the way there is a leak of gearbox oil into the cluch also. Lets call it two days labour, a new clutch, flywheel (single mass of course) and a new gear box seal. Get it to the dealer quick!!!
  3. Has anyone had the same scary experience as me? A couple of months ago on a very wet Motorway my brake pedal needed to be almost completely depressed to bring the car from 80 down to 30mph. Scary but almost understandable. This morning whilst driving at 15mph the same thing, except the weather is bone dry. Very nearly crossed into a busy road without stopping. ABS kicked in at the last moment but the brakes were, to be polite, "poo". Arrrgh! Braking performance improved as the journey went on and seemed to improve with pumping the pedal. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  4. I've been fiddling with this one for a while - these minor things in life really bug me. I think the way the computer works out range is that it uses a rolling average of your last couple of fill ups and them simply multiplies this by 10. The 10 comes from the fact that this is the range of the tanks fill that the computer can actually see. Ie, 2 gallons needs to be used before it starts to fall and there is a "spare" 1 gallon at the bottom end, 13-3=10. Hence, if you have averaged about 45mpg for the last couple of tanks, the computer will give you 450miles range when you first fill up. Then as the needle starts to drop it will start to get more generous and you will end up with about 450 +(3 *45) = 585miles if you empty her right down. It all kind of falls apart though as the mpg calculator is slightly optimistic at about 2mpg. Interestingly the computer average speed calcuation is spot on versus the dash speedo that reads ~ 5 mph too high.
  5. I just had my 10k service done on my 2.2D4D Avensis. Everything was fine except the dealer wanted to charge me an extra £15 for fuel additives to clean the fuel system, filter and "engine components". Having run petrol Toyotas for as long as I can remember I have never once been offered or appeared to have needed a fuel additive. Since this is my first oil burner, I am a bit naive about things so was wondering if I do need this or is it a wheeze to cream more money. Interestingly, before the service I was getting 44 - 45mpg and post this has dropped to 41-42, do they fiddle with mappings during servicing or does the new oil tighten the engine up a little again?
  6. As the end of summer approaches, the use of headlights is once again necessary for my daily commute. I noticed last night that there is a small red / orange light in the overhead panel of my T3-X that shines down towards the gearstick but is so dim that its almost un-noticable. It only seems to be on when the headlights are on. Anyone know what its for?
  7. Daniel, Does the fob work every time away from your house? Does it occationally work at your house? This is speculation but the following might apply:- There are a quite a lot of reports of Carina / Avensis remotes / central locking going t*ts up. Mine did a few years back and it was a slow process. At first I though the battery was on the way out as every now and then the car did not lock and then one day it simply stopped altogether! It occationally works on wet days. The problem is lies in the sender unit and I believe its simply dodgy soldering but I got used to locking the car by hand so never investigated further. Stuart
  8. Next time it happens I'll have a stab on the handbrake, see if that helps. Anyone else got any ideas?
  9. Heading along the motorway last week in my shinny new T3-X Hatch I became of a low pitch rumble from the rear of the car that gradually got louder. The pitch of the rumble was directly associated to the speed of the car. I stopped, had a look around and found nothing so at first I thought I had picked up a bit of debris like a shopping bag or newspaper that had since dropped of. Moving away again, there was no rumble. I dropped the car into Toyota for a quick look see and they say nothing is a miss - problem solved! NOT. It returned again this morning and once again stopping the car solved the problem. Has anyone out there had a similar problem? Do you know what the cause / solution is? Any help greatly appreciated. PS - Anyidea where the mute button for the stereo is?
  10. Any further forward with this problem? My car stared doing the same this weekend. I've been having other problems with my central locking also which I've not bothered to sort yet as there are work arounds but this one is a bit more of a pain in the back side!
  11. I agree with Gus. Carefully is the name of the game. I had my door panel off last weekend and it was very easy to do. Mostly screws but there are two pop fasters on the bottom edge of the door that are easily damaged and tricky to get to put back. Apart from that, good luck and let me know how you get on. Stuart PS My locking is working again ...... go figure!
  12. Happy New Year To You Too. I too have has exactly the same problem as yourself for the last 3 months. To get around the problem for now you have to let everyone out of the car and then lock all the door via the antijack button on the drivers door. Then unlock the drivers door, get out and lock it from the outside with the key! A pain in the back side for sure! I thought I'd traced the fault to the relay send unit. I asked the dealer for a quote and he wanted about 300 notes to sort it out but a local scrap merchant wanted only 50 notes for the part. I was palnning on doing the job over the Christmas break but low and started working of its own accord again! Maybe its the cold or something? I'm going to hang fire with changing the part for now and see how long it lasts!
  13. Your dealers price is about £50 more than mine wanted! Maybe you should come up here to get it done? I'm planning on removing the faulty bit and trying to either fix it or get a salvage part over the Christmas break. If you can hang out that long I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. My 1999 Avensis has recently done the same after a visit to the dealer. They want quite a few shillings to put it right though! I think the fault lies in the sender unit in the drivers lock itself as I can still lock all the doors from inside the car from the anti car jack button. Does your alarm still activate if you try to lock the car from the fob?