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  1. Yep spot on - I'm using my phone hotspot to provide internet link away from outside my house. Still disconnects from Toyota Online when I use Carplay as I said above for some reason - but easy to reconnect again so now I know isn't a big deal.
  2. I've found that if I connect up Apple Carplay so I can listen to music via spotify or choose to use Google Maps or Waze etc, that when I disconnect this and go back to just using the Toyota headset, speed camera warnings disappear. After some experimentation, I've established that the act of using Carplay turns off the headset tethering to my iPhone so the toyota coyote app that provides the speed camera locations needs internet via bluetooth also doesn't work. Using the settings to reconnect the car to my phone and speed camera warnings are back - until next time I use Carplay and I have to do this again. Same thing if I use the MyToyota app and same solution.
  3. No it was ok, although my van at 1232Kg MTPLM is comparatively light anyway
  4. I picked up my Excel AWD HEV in October - I have a Bailey Pursuit 430/4 caravan so specified the factory spec'd towbar with 13 pin. After the required 500 miles from new, I've been away and can confirm that the towing electrics are fully wired - no issues with running my caravan fridge power whilst travelling or the ATC trailer system. They also give you a 13/7 pin adapter with the tow bar (I had the detachable one) which is useful if you have any older trailers with 7 pin. Incidentally, I was really pleased with the towing experience - plenty of power available and so smooth for low speed manoeuvring.
  5. I asked my dealer (Motorline Bristol) about the brake light being on all the time when using the Hold button in traffic. His response was "its the law" but of course he could have been talking rubbish as selling me a car? This is my first automatic - naively it seems now I just assumed before all those stood in traffic with their brake lights on were sat with the clutch in and foot on brake pedal rather than using the handbrake. Ha ha now I know better as my brake lights are on as well!
  6. Yes thanks Roger and Adrian for your responses. I used Shell V Power diesel pretty much all of the time as aware of the reported perils of low quality cheaper fuel - given I know my usage of the car was not ideal being mainly short runs in urban use (another reason for return to petrol with the RAV), this helped me avoid DPF or carbon fouling related issues - and the rising oil level problem from DPF cleaning cycle not having time to finish properly. I had the deep crystal blue colour car and the CX-5 owners club FB group full of stories of issues with this colour in particular. Hoping Decuma Grey will be better with my RAV - certainly doesn't show the road dirt as much as the dark blue 🙂
  7. Hi Roger, on reflection perhaps that was a bit of a sweeping statement about the CX-5. That being said, mine was a 2014 SEL Nav model so I went for the Excel RAV 4 as it had all the kit I had in the CX-5 aside from a sunroof and electric adjustment passenger seat (and more features). To be fair, if I'd had a more recent model CX-5 than yours then perhaps a closer match. I had a 2006 model RAV 4 before the Mazda but have returned for the hybrid technology in the main, but very pleased with the 2021 RAV 4 anyway. Although the CX-5 2.2 Skyactive diesel a very good engine in my experience, with mine at 67K miles I was worried about DPF related breakdown which like other makes is this engines achilles heel, but also turbo failure. The other thing was the quality of the paintwork which was the poorest I have had on any car - so prone to scratches from the slightest contact.
  8. Do we think the MY2022 illuminated window switches will be able to be fitted as a retrograde update to a MY2021 Rav? The Rav I have recently bought superior in most ways to my previous Mazda CX-5 - but not this one ☹️
  9. Thanks for the reply - put my mind at rest, really pleased with everything else about the Rav.
  10. I've recently bought a Rav4 XT3 D4D on a 56 plate. I've been having difficulty in getting a smooth change when going up from first to second - all other changes fine. Whilst I'm reassured that this seems to be a common Rav issue and nothing to be concerned about, I wanted to ask about the clutch release bearing. My car has only done 12,000 miles, yet the rattling noise you get in neutral until you push the clutch in (when it disappears) can be quite loud sometimes. In previous cars this has been the clutch release bearing - irritating but not a major issue. I'm just surprised that it is happening at this low mileage. Is this something I should be worried about (and asking to be fixed under warrenty)? - or is it a common Rav issue like the notchy gearchange in some lower gears? Greatful for opinions on this as this is my first Toyota. Also, am I right in there is no Haynes manual yet for this model? Cheers
  11. No probs Billy You can make it a bit smoother by taking your time shifting in those lower gears. It just gives the synchros a bit more time to do their job. Rob I nearly bust a gut when I saw the "mention it again" smarticons. Not seen them before but very appropriate!
  12. Hi everybody. We've recently bought our first Toyota - RAV4 XT3 in slate blue on a 56 plate. Really pleased with it so far, never owned any jap cars before - it is certainly far better "screwed together" than my last car, a Citroen Picasso. I went for a test drive in a Citroen C Crosser as we wanted something bigger and heavier for caravanning but was put off by the high purchase price, higher road tax bracket and the fact that second hand Citroen values drop so fast. I'm getting a company car shortly and I've opted for another Toyota - an Auris 2.0 T Spirit as so pleased with the Rav. One thing that Citroen did have was a good online forum for Picasso owners, sppleased I've discovered TOC B)
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