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  1. I dont get why your soo against that we have managed to get these gains, it actually makes me laugh. I am not claiming i have 300 bhp but i am claiming i have gotten a resonable figure for the modifications that i have carried out. Ill post up the results when i get home if i get back late then it will be done tomorrow.
  2. I must say i have to agree with Farhan on this topic. As mentioned if you are going to purchase a camcon for 400 then its not worth it but if you manage to get one for 200 or under then go for it, it can be fitted yourself with ease and if you have problems with this then contact myself or Farhan and we will be more than happy to fit it for you, if you dont want to put your trust in us then i know an auto electrician who will fit this unit and will supply you warrantee for 65. As for what Ricc has said about there being no proven gains i have proof of these gains, i must add this point i have also added a few more modifications, i started with 187 bhp and have now got 209 bhp. After carrying out the modifications i had 201 bhp then the map of the camcon pushed me upto 209 bhp. The camcon in my T sport is not on at all times, when it is on the car will be running 209 bhp and when its off im running 201 bhp. These are proven gains not just some figures i have plucked out of thin air. The same dyno at the same place was used at all times in order to determine the gains. Me and Farhan had a spirited drive when both cars were stock and his was quicker, soon after the modifications were done we had another drive and mine car was significantly faster than Farhans. I dont feel that there is anyone else on this forum that has carried out as many NA modifications and trial and errors tests towards NA as me and Farthan have done, and we have gotten proven results. Im happy with the results achieved, its upto yourself to whether you want to go ahead with this. If you need any help give me a shout. Apologies for the long post just adding my opinion for what its worth.
  3. Mine were installed properly, but.....the passengers side one flew off. The window was slightly open and to be honest i dont think the Heko deflectors are a good fit. They look nice but the fitment could have been made alot better. I have purchased another set and they have been fine so far lol. I have a spare drivers side one at home if anyone needs it?
  4. As Farhan mentioned i have done this, dont have a pic with me right now as im at work but i posted a thread with some piks of my car and it can be seen on that thread. It risy and tricky, but all depends how good you are at DIY. It can go well or you may end up having to purchase a new headlamp. If your willing to take the risk go for it you wont regret it. Let me know if you need any help or info.
  5. Compliments always make my day lol, and as above mentioned no-one seems to know what car it is and that makes it all the more better
  6. Bridges your build thread is really good, a lot of decent mods have been carried out and the cars looking on point. So congrats on a great car, keep it up bro.
  7. Both cars looking really good... The drop on the T sport is essential the car looks soo much better. Keep up thw good work!!
  8. Cars looking Sexxyy bro, keep up the hard work!
  9. Thats a cracking motor mate, you have made it look really good and it looks clean. Hope your having fun with your RWD!!
  10. Great work mate, some serious parts and hard work going into that engine, good luck and keep the pics and updates coming!!
  11. Let me know when you get it in..ill be interested in the wax SRP and the cloths loll.
  12. I changed my seats over to the leather ones, i didnt disconnect the battery didnt think there was any need to as the car was off, 4 bolts if i can remember correctly pulled them out put the new ones in and the front two plugged in with the connectors beneath the seat with no problems, rear ones was just bolting but nice and easy. Havent had any probs. If you need any more help let me know.
  13. Both cars are great, good to see you moving from one corolla to the next lol. As for rims its got to be the bbs wheels, they look niice.
  14. that car with the deep dish rims look niiicee, euro styling on a jap car pulled off nicely and its dropped loww
  15. Inlet manifold and apexi pipe look good, well done!! The brake lines....if you dont have much luck try hoover on this forum, got a set for front and rear, great price, great product and perfect fitting.
  16. 5W30 Ester Synthetic...try silkolene pro s, opie oils sells it. Iv used that for the past 2 years every 4500 and id reccommend it all day long.
  17. I take my hat off to you...this is a car and a half...alot of great work has gone into it and some cracking results have come out..well done to you mate, thats something to be proud of..keep us updated!!
  18. Well done to william..will have to get that copy loll.
  19. Cars looking good mate..keep up the good work!
  20. Lovely motor mate..the compressor is a nice cars especially with that rear lip and the 17's but be a pain to keep those clean lol. Keep us udpated!
  21. 190389277187 thats the item number, theres a pik of it on there too, its up for 72 pounds.
  22. Theres one available on ebay, havent got the link, il try find it again..you got to be careful with them as dirt can get stuck in it and ruin your paint work...get some piks up when you got it on!!
  23. The interior is PFL with the exception of leathers and a facelift centre console. Will do something custom with the centre console and the single din fascia adapter. The number plate...dont really want to put it back on but it will be to the side angled down, just waiting for the plate holder to come through the post.
  24. Thanks mate..still think it looks different to facelifts as theres no one who has the lights sprayed black and the bumper being smoothed is a custom job also. Performance is definiatley the way forward tho lol.
  25. Thanks mate..still think it looks different to facelifts as theres no one who has the lights sprayed black and the bumper being smoothed is a custom job also. Performance is definiatley the way forward tho lol.
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